Day Thirty

Oak Grove, MO to Oak Grove, MO
June 24th, 2009

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Thomas Hart Benton!
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86 in the bus, 25 on a tow truck
Sunny hot and humid, high 90s, with thunderstorms in the evening
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Two friendly shop dogs
Oak Grove KOA, MO
Oak Grove, MO

Daily Didactic
We got out of bed early and hit the freeway for south Kansas City. Danny and Junior took the bus in at 9:00 and put up with us hanging around for the few hours it took them to remove and install the second rebuilt starter. They were able to get the second one replaced on warranty, so the high side of an unfortunate turn of events was that we would only be out the cost of labor. By noon they had us back on the road again, with big smiles and yet another opportunity to check out Thomas Hart Benton.

We made our third pilgrimage to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, MO. It seems so unlikely. This time the stars finally aligned and we were able to get inside and ogle the intended paintings. While he doesn't know art, Brian likes Thomas Hart Benton. What he likes just as much, if not more, are the enormous Claus Oldenberg Shuttlecocks in the lawn. These are apparently not everyone's idea of art, with three on one side of the museum and one on the other, and the museum playing the role of the badminton net. After a suitable amount of arting, we headed back toward the freeway. We stopped, on the advice of yesterday's tow truck driver, at Gates BBQ and had a most awesome and healthy meal.

We hit the road winding our way back to I-70 and settled in with rush hour traffic heading east. Until our clutch quit working. Brian managed to find a gear to get us of the freeway and we ground to a halt on a road just off the freeway and called AAA to get us back to Brown's Automotive. The bus seems to have developed a shining for Missouri and it is getting wearisome. Danny met us at the shop around 5:30. At this point Theresa had arranged a rental car and another night in our Kozy Kamping Kabin. Enterprise brought us our Suzuki Forenza and we left the bus for the night amongst some much less fortunate peers, hoping it would get the message.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030450.jpg nonethumb_P1030451.jpg
Morning after a torrential downpour on our Kabin Kansas again
thumb_P1030452.jpg nonethumb_P1030453.jpg
Brown's automotive, we spent the morning here You may not understand it, but this is what we want to see in our mechanic's lot
thumb_P1030455.jpg nonethumb_P1030456.jpg
Nelson-Atkins Museum, take three Brian is never disappointed
thumb_P1030476.jpg nonethumb_P1030460.jpg
We made it inside the doors today And here we go, Thomas Hart Benton
thumb_P1030463.jpg nonethumb_P1030468.jpg
More Oldenburg Frank Lloyd Wright, Brian likes the pattern
thumb_P1030472.jpg nonethumb_P1030474.jpg
Our artist eyeing some Benton More Benton
thumb_P1030475.jpg nonethumb_P1030477.jpg
...and more Another nice relief
thumb_P1030479.jpg nonethumb_P1030484.jpg
The only shuttlecock on the south lawn Gates BBQ, recommended by tow truck drivers and yummy
thumb_P1030487.jpg nonethumb_P1030489.jpg
On the way out of Kansas City Almost...
Another night with AC

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