Day Thirtythree

Lexington, KY to Morgantown, WV
June 27th, 2009

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Waking up in a real bed on the farm
We can't really think of one
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Streaming KSKA, Eels
Sunny with no humidity in the low 80s, perfect!
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Horses, Cows, Raccoon, and Fireflies
Cooper Rock State Park, Morgantown WV
Gettysburg, PA

Daily Didactic
The day began in the glorious Swans Nest B&B in Lexington Kentucky. The Swans Nest is a very large house on twenty acres in high test horse country. Our hostess Rosalie was very gracious, in spite of our confusingly late arrival last night (three hours due to car repair in Mt. Vernon, an extra hour because we can't keep track of time zones). We rose late, and hung out until early afternoon to catch up on didactics that had been delayed by recent days' automotive concerns.

We hit the Kentucky road toward West Virginia, hoping to get somewhere near the top of it by nightfall. Tomorrow at noon we have tour reservations at two homes in southern Pennsylvania built by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater and Kentucky Knob. The humidity that dissipated as we drove into Kentucky disappeared by the time we hit West Virginia and the temperature dropped to a very reasonable lower 80s. We tooled through the rolling and treed hills of West Virginia, thoroughly enjoying the change of climate and views. We slowed down in Clarksburg long enough to grab a little dinner and then we were lucky enough to pull into the last site at the Cooper Rock State Park campground for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030635.jpg nonethumb_P1030623.jpg
The Swans nest The bus, curious
thumb_P1030633.jpg nonethumb_P1030619.jpg
The entrance Brian, in a manner to which he'd like to become accustomed
thumb_P1030620.jpg nonethumb_P1030622.jpg
The enclosed garden porch Part of a garden
thumb_P1030626.jpg nonethumb_P1030628.jpg
The hind end of an expensive pony The front end can bite, although it did not
thumb_P1030638.jpg nonethumb_P1030651.jpg
A nice find by our navigator Ahhh, rolled hay
thumb_P1030655.jpg nonethumb_P1030656.jpg
Chimneys that for some reason look like drill bits West Virginia. Brian 50, Theresa 49.
thumb_P1030658.jpg nonethumb_P1030659.jpg
Slots and dog racing Oh yes, 'The Institute'...
thumb_P1030670.jpg nonethumb_P1030674.jpg
West Virginia road An ominous bus shadow
thumb_P1030678.jpg nonethumb_P1030692.jpg
West Virginia countryside Surely a raccoon could never get up a metal pole

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