Day Thirtyfour

Morgantown, WV to Gettysburg, PA
June 28th, 2009

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Two Frank Lloyd Wright houses on one Pennsylvania back road
Scary showers with big bugs in West Virginia
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Sunny and Overcast in the high 70s
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Gettysburg, PA

Daily Didactic
We started our day with an on the road tune up, trying to clear up some lingering "performance issues" with our race car. We got on the road around 10:00 for our hour and a half drive to Fallingwater. If you know architecture (which Brian does not) you have heard of Frank Lloyd Wright and have probably seen pictures of Fallingwater. It was a home built in Southern Pennsylvania for a department store magnate and it situated literally over a small waterfall in the woods. It's a part of Wright's "organic architecture" where nature is used and incorporated into the design, instead of removed. It's also really cool. Very large portions of the building are cantilevered over Bear Run stream and the interior has a slew of clever design elements that make you feel like you are still outdoors. We didn't pay the extra 50 dollars for the tour that let you take pictures inside, so a few outdoor photos are all we've got from a really great tour.

After Fallingwater, we doubled back south through the very rafting and kayaking oriented Ohiopyle and drove to the top of what we have to assume is "Kentuck Knob" for our second Wright home of the day. While Fallingwater is in the hands of a non-profit conservancy, Kentuck Knob is still privately owned by an Englishman named Lord Polumbo. The Lord allows tours of the home, but also still uses it for entertainingly. This home is not as novel architecturally as Fallingwater, but is still fascinating. It is all about the geometry of the site, with two ninety degree corners in the entire structure and fifty-nine non-ninety degree corners. It must have been a joy to build. On the grounds is also a huge art collection of the owner, so this tour was really a two-fer of art and architecture.

After an unusually educational afternoon, we hit the road toward upstate New York. We stopped in Somerset for an uninspired dinner and wound on down the road to the Ghettysburg KOA for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030693.jpg nonethumb_P1030697.jpg
Morning in our pleasantly warm and not damp campground West Virginia backroad
thumb_P1030705.jpg nonethumb_P1030728.jpg
South Pennsylvania farm country Fallingwater, an architectural wonder of Frank Lloyd Wright
thumb_P1030707.jpg nonethumb_P1030710.jpg
Fallingwater water, a hilarious marketing ploy of someone else Brian hanging out in our living room, waiting for the tour
thumb_P1030713.jpg nonethumb_P1030715.jpg
Built over a water fall, the home is all about cantilevers This is the front
thumb_P1030717.jpg nonethumb_P1030721.jpg
This is the back, built into the rock Organic architecture
thumb_P1030724.jpg nonethumb_P1030765.jpg
The view Our second FLW home of the day, Kentuck Knob
thumb_P1030733.jpg nonethumb_P1030736.jpg
... with an impressive art collection on the grounds. This guy made the shuttlecocks A piece of the Berlin Wall
thumb_P1030739.jpg nonethumb_P1030740.jpg
A finial off of a London building Gargoyles, we like them
thumb_P1030748.jpg nonethumb_P1030761.jpg
Jim Dine The front of Kentuck Knob
thumb_P1030756.jpg nonethumb_P1030760.jpg
The back of Kentuck Knob Open skylights on the terrace
thumb_P1030759.jpg nonethumb_P1030772.jpg
Theresa, happy with her surroundings and the climate Time for the Penna Turnpike and forking out cash to drive
thumb_P1030786.jpg nonethumb_P1030793.jpg
Sunset in the rear view A great old church on the road to Gettysburg

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