Day Thirtyfive

Gettysburg, PA to Old Forge, NY
June 29th, 2009

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Lunch at the Dobbin's House
Driving way too late
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NPR, K'naan, Damian Marley
Sunny, overcast, and some rain, in the high 70s
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Old Forge Camping Resort, NY
Floodwood Mountain, NY

Daily Didactic
Our day began at the KOA that started it all. In 2000, the Gettysburg KOA was the first KOA we had ever seen. It was clean, had power, and the only modem connection (the Komputer Connection, curiously) we saw in a campground the entire trip. This is still an awfully nice KOA and we lingered in the morning for showers and such a little longer than we intended. When we finally hit the road, we made it only a few miles to a much needed car wash. At this point Brian, bittered by the loss of the Electric Map (a sad story well documented on the internets), was ready to head for the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Instead, we had the common sense to slow down at our second favorite Gettysburg tourist attraction, the Dobbin House. We had our third excellent meal of the decade in the subterranean pub, happy not to have been too brash. We crawled back out into the daylight and hit the road for a long day of traveling.

The bus, despite having hauled us the better part of a thousand miles since Kansas, was still not running perfectly and the iPhone found us a mechanic on the way up I-81 who adjusted the air mixture and replaced the ignition wire for free. This seemed to solve any of the lingering issues with the week's mechanical adventures. We followed 81 up through Scranton and skirted Syracuse to the east, onto the New York Throughway. We headed north at Rome and resisted the 8:30 urge to stop and camp there. Sadly, at 9:15 or so when we hit Booneville we found that their campground had closed. This was disappointing. We could either drive 20 minutes north and reverse that tomorrow or go 45 minutes into the Adirondacks. Windy roads being what they are, we ended up in a campsite in the town of Old Forge a little after 10:30 and called it a very late night of driving.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030795.jpg nonethumb_P1030797.jpg
A wonderfully private Gettysburg KOA revisit The conflicted Gettsyburg
thumb_P1030799.jpg nonethumb_P1030802.jpg
It was time Stone barn slide outs
thumb_P1030808.jpg nonethumb_P1030803.jpg
A road trip trifecta, the Dobbin House Where we could barely read the menu by candlelight
thumb_P1030806.jpg nonethumb_P1030807.jpg
We're guessing no one appreciated the flash Townhouse?
thumb_P1030811.jpg nonethumb_P1030813.jpg
Gettysburg quaint Now, we're not trivializing the Civil War...
thumb_P1030815.jpg nonethumb_P1030817.jpg
Pretty clouds over Pennsylvania Brian tracking down another mechanic
thumb_P1030818.jpg nonethumb_P1030819.jpg
A great guy we'd like to think was the last Road shot
thumb_P1030820.jpg nonethumb_P1030823.jpg
It was hard not to stop This took a lot of explosives
thumb_P1030825.jpg nonethumb_P1030826.jpg
We've now been to the... Us
thumb_P1030828.jpg nonethumb_P1030831.jpg
New York welcomes us to the easternmost edge of our journey Dusk toward the Adirondacks

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