Day Thirtysix

Old Forge, NY to Adirondack State Park, NY
June 30th, 2009

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Trying to get across the street in Old Forge
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Rollins Pond Camp, Adirondacks, NY
Four Mile Creek State Campground, NY

Daily Didactic
We woke in the grandly named Adirondack Camping Resort in Old Forge, just inside the Adirondack State Park in upstate New York. This a large park holding most of New York's high peaks (over 4,000 feet). Like most eastern parks, it is full of towns and private inholdings. Brian did a little backpacking here fifteen years ago and we are hoping to get to get into the woods a bit in the next few days. We drove north from Old Forge for an hour to Tupper Lake and called our outfitter and guide, Scott, who was unavailable. We stopped in at the "Wild Center" for a few minutes, but found the fifteen dollar entry fee a bit much for the time we had and a decided to try to find our destination, the Floodwood Mountain Reservation, on our own. We headed down the road toward Saranac Lake, following a route Google Maps had outlined on the iPhone. Fortunately for us Scott was looking and waving for us at the junction with Floodwood road, as the route in Google Maps was wildly wrong.

We followed our outfitter the few miles up the wonderfully rustic Floodwood road to the main camp where we loaded up a canoe and drove the remaining mile or two to the "not yet open for the season" Rollins Pond Adventure Base Camp. By now it was late afternoon and we were not leaving until tomorrow, so we settled in and enjoyed a quite evening in the woods, first with a nap, then with a meal and finally with a short canoe paddle. It was an absolutely beautiful evening.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030839.jpg nonethumb_P1030842.jpg
Morning in our camping resort We didn't confirm this, but like the extra effort
thumb_P1030844.jpg nonethumb_P1030847.jpg
An old covered bridge, out of production The Screamen Eagle
thumb_P1030848.jpg nonethumb_P1030849.jpg
The Adirondacks are full of cool old motel signs, not always with a motel There were eight
thumb_P1030851.jpg nonethumb_P1030854.jpg
Pretty meander Hoss's
thumb_P1030863.jpg nonethumb_P1030869.jpg
Tupper Lake, we're close The Wild Center, or the Natural History...
thumb_P1030870.jpg nonethumb_P1030871.jpg
We don't see this in Anchorage A deer eating
thumb_P1030874.jpg nonethumb_P1030875.jpg
A diversely mossed roof Our outfitter leading us into Floodwood Mountain Reservation
thumb_P1030878.jpg nonethumb_P1030879.jpg
How'd she get out here? Pretty pond
thumb_P1030885.jpg nonethumb_P1030889.jpg
Our outfitter with our canoe Floodwood Power & Light
thumb_P1030891.jpg nonethumb_P1030892.jpg
The not yet open for the season Rollins Pond Camp, it was wonderfully peaceful Heading out for an evening paddle
thumb_P1030893.jpg nonethumb_P1030896.jpg
Looking out on a back bay in Rollins Pond A small island on a large pond
Home for the evening

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