Day Thirtyseven

Adirondack State Park, NY to Adirondack State Park, NY
July 1st, 2009

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Paddling in the Adirondacks
The large army of bugs
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6 miles in a canoe
Sunny with thunder showers in the afternoon, in the 70s
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Fish, Waterfowl, Bugs, and lots of cool noises
Our tent on Long Pond, NY
Four Mile Creek State Campground, NY

Daily Didactic
We got up a little late for the first day of our paddling trip and leisurely packed for a three day canoe adventure. Our outfitter and guide Scott provided us with a map and a few suggestions for loops. This is country designed for canoeing with a large number of ponds (which look like lakes to us) connected by streams or short portages. Novices in a canoe, we decided to make a little progress on the water before determining our route. We loaded up the canoe, and paddled across Rollins Pond and down a fun little stream into Floodwood Pond. One possibility was to camp here for the first night, but as the threatening thunder storm hadn't materialized yet we decided to get our longest portage to Long Pond out of the way. The portage involved a little carrying, an amazing lilly pad pond crossing, and then a pretty long carry. We clearly do not have the portage thing down yet.

After getting all of our gear (and our thankfully light weight canoe) to Long Pond, we paddled to a point about half way down it and found a really amazing camp site The spot had a beatiful view and enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos and flies down. The thunder storm that had been threatening finally started to produce rain just as we crawled into our tent. We took an increasingly common afternoon nap, made a little dinner when the rain subsided, enjoyed the view for a while, and finally returned to our tent for a little backgammon before calling it an extraordinarily fun day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030903.jpg nonethumb_P1030907.jpg
Morning at the wonderfully vacant Rollins Camp Our ride for the day
thumb_P1030910.jpg nonethumb_P1030916.jpg
On the water with an unconsolidated pile of gear Brian happy with the state of things
thumb_P1030919.jpg nonethumb_P1030920.jpg
Theresa ready for the Long Pond portage We meant Canoe Carry
thumb_P1030921.jpg nonethumb_P1030922.jpg
Lilly pads and signage Our view. That's a bug in the clouds
thumb_P1030923.jpg nonethumb_P1030927.jpg
Pretty flowers Our view
thumb_P1030931.jpg nonethumb_P1030934.jpg
With love the signs in the water Beaver lodge
thumb_P1030937.jpg nonethumb_P1030952.jpg
Looking back on our longest canoe carry After the rain in a spectacular campsite
thumb_P1030960.jpg nonethumb_P1030949.jpg
A tree seeming designed for holding paddles Our back yard
thumb_P1030953.jpg nonethumb_P1030955.jpg
Looking out on Long Pond in the evening Ditto, other direction
thumb_P1030963.jpg nonethumb_P1030959.jpg
Crazy tree More rain
Time for games

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