Day Thirtyeight

Adirondack State Park, NY to Adirondack State Park, NY
July 2nd, 2009

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Paddling nine Adirondack ponds in a day
Crazy bugs on the long portages
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11 in a canoe
Overcast with rain, spots of sun
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Beavers, ducks, loons, fish, lots of cool noises
Our tent on Little Square Pond, NY
Holland, MI

Daily Didactic
The day began at a stellar campsite midway across Long Pond. We rose late and felt bad for not getting up and going with the morning break in rainy weather. Not so bad that we got up earlier, but bad none-the-less. We packed up camp, had some breakfast and decided that we were accomplished enough canoeurs at this point that we would do a mutli-pond loop. Initially we had intended just to do a three pond "in and out" trek, but we were having fun. Sadly as we were loading our gear in the canoe we had a small tragedy, the drowning of our road trip camera Lumix. Lumix rolled off of the top of one of our packs to a point a good solid foot below water and stayed there for a few seconds. He never recovered. This created a dilemma, as the only spare camera we had for the next day and a half was Brian's iPhone and it's battery was running low. We turned the phone function and other niceties off and proceeded to turn it on and off for photos for the rest of the day.

We paddled across the remainder of Long Pond and portaged to Slang Pond. Slang Pond merged into Turtle Pond which, after a teeny portage, lead us to Hoel Pond. The portage from Hoel Pond to Polliwog Pond was long and buggy, but Polliwog Pond to Little Polliwog Pond was brief. The portages from Little Polliwog Pond to Horseshoe Pond and Horshoe Pond to Follensby/Clear Pond were both quick and easy. The portage from Follensby/Clear Pond to Fish Creek was our third longest, but easily one of the nicest. We paddled up the beautiful Fish Creek to Little Square Pond, on which we found an awesome tent site on a rock outcropping overlooking the pond.

All-in-all it was an incredible nine pond and seven portage day. This is really awesome country.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030972.jpg nonethumb_P1030974.jpg
Morning in an exceptional Long Pond campsite On the second point on the east edge of the pond
thumb_P1030969.jpg nonethumb_P1030978.jpg
A crazy bug with a really long 'stinger' Campsite marker
thumb_P1030979.jpg nonethumb_IMG0152.jpg
Brian folding up home Theresa, mourning the apparent death of Lumix
thumb_IMG0153.jpg nonethumb_IMG0155.jpg
Finishing up Long Lake From Long to Slang
thumb_IMG0156.jpg nonethumb_IMG0157.jpg
A smile for a short portage Our ride waiting for us
thumb_IMG0158.jpg nonethumb_IMG0159.jpg
The very pleasant portage from Long to Slang Pond On Slang Pond
thumb_IMG0160.jpg nonethumb_IMG0161.jpg
Gear pre rain Turtle Pond
thumb_IMG0163.jpg nonethumb_IMG0164.jpg
Gear post downpour Hoel Pond to Polliwog, this was a shlep
thumb_IMG0168.jpg nonethumb_IMG0171.jpg
Polliwog to Little Polliwog Little Polliwog to Horsehoe
thumb_IMG0172.jpg nonethumb_IMG0183.jpg
Little Polliwog Pond Theresa warming by the campfire. The face is sadness for Lumix, as I shoot a photo with the iPhone

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