Day Thirtynine

Adirondack State Park, NY to Wilmington, NY
July 3rd, 2009

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Spending time with our guide and outfitters
Not a one
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58 in the bus, 5 miles in a canoe
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Cloudy, rainy, in the 70s
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Fish, loons, deer, duck family
Lake Placid KOA, NY
Holland, MI

Daily Didactic
We woke on the misty Little Square Pond. With the sky threatening rain we got on the move early and were paddling up the stream to Floodwood Pond by 9:30 or so. The weather tempered itself and we had a very pleasant paddle upstream and then across Floodwood Pond. After an inaccurate stab, we found the stream that lead back to Rollins Pond and managed to get within a quarter mile of the boat dock before the skies opened up with rain in classic east coast fashion. Rain drops the size of peas pelted us on the final leg in, but they were warm and couldn't dampen our mood. We pulled our canoe and gear out of the water at Rollins Camp and celebrated being totally soaked by taking a quick dip in Rollins Pond to wash off two days of bug dope and perspiration.

After drying off, we crawled back over the rustic road to Floodwood Mountain Reservation. We reconnected with our outfitter and guide Scott and his lovely wife (our Ft. Collins guide) Julie. Julie and Scott are good friends from Anchorage and it was great to get a good dose of "familiar" in the middle of a long drive. We cleaned up, dried some clothes and then drove into the nearby village of Saranac Lake with Julie for a tour while we waited for Scott to be able to join us. Eventually Scott was freed from camp responsibilities and we found dinner at the spectacularly touristy Tail O' The Pup. After an incredibly tasty and undoubtedly healthy meal of pulled pork, ribs, bar-b-cue chicken, and cornbread we headed for the Lake Placid KOA for the night.

We reflected on our "three day eleven pond canoe adventure" and decided that a couple of really hot days in Kansas City were absolutely worth it...

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_IMG0193.jpg nonethumb_IMG0195.jpg
Morning on the rocks, overlooking Little Square Pond Theresa geared up for the rain
thumb_IMG0197.jpg nonethumb_IMG0198.jpg
Gear, geared up for the rain Paddling the really wonderful stream to Floodwood Pond
thumb_IMG0200.jpg nonethumb_P7030004.jpg
Ditto After two days, back to Rollins Pond
thumb_P7030006.jpg nonethumb_P7030007.jpg
A kind note from out outfitters and guides, but our smiles have been pasted on for days The bus, happy to see us
thumb_P7030010.jpg nonethumb_P7030013.jpg
Canoes and gear ready for camp opening next week On the road out, these tracks supplied the area for the 1932 Winter Olympics
thumb_P7030014.jpg nonethumb_P7030026.jpg
Yet another pretty pond Julie, our Ft. Collins guide and dear friend
thumb_P7030030.jpg nonethumb_P7030031.jpg
Us with Scott, our Adirondack guide and outfitter and dear friend Reluctantly leaving Floodwood Mountain Reservation
thumb_P7030033.jpg nonethumb_P7030035.jpg
The Saranac Lake courthouse The Hotel Saranac sign
thumb_P7030036.jpg nonethumb_P7030038.jpg
Cute downtown Saranac Lake Cute downtown Saranac Lake
thumb_P7030040.jpg nonethumb_P7030041.jpg
Ahhh.... Spaghetti Low lying waterfront property
thumb_P7030045.jpg nonethumb_P7030047.jpg
Big homes across the lake From the wilderness to exceptional tourist fair, Tail O' the Pup!
Us and our guides

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