Day Fourty

Willmington, NY to Willmington, NY
July 4th, 2009

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Watching small town fireworks with friends
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Overcast and rainy, low 70s
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Lake Placid KOA, NY
Hill City, SD

Daily Didactic
We had originally intended to hit the road west today, or "head home" as we like to say. However our friend Scott reminded us yesterday that today was the 4th of July. This is a fact that has escaped us on a few road trips, leaving us wanting for a place to stay on a really busy evening. He and Julie were also kind enough to invite us to join them to watch the fireworks in the town of Saranac Lake. Given this, we took the path of least resistance and booked last night and tonight in the Lake Placid KOA in the nearby town of Wilmington.

We rose latish and chose not to do anything more productive than head for Lake Placid to find breakfast. We found the perfectly suited Downtown Diner and filled up on some shopping fuel. After our late breakfast we headed up Lake Placid's "that street". Every community that hosts tourists has "that street" and Lake Placid puts on a good one. We found the eastern version of REI, EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) and bought a couple of things that we could not live without. We worked our way on up and back down main street, probably without the depth Theresa would have appreciated but not bad for Brian. We detoured into the Olympics Skating Pavilion (for the 1932 and 1980 winter games) and stared for a while at the rink where the "Miracle On Ice" took place.

About that time Julie and Scott called and gave Theresa an opportunity to get a little of the shopping depth she had missed. After our second lap of of "that street" we headed to the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery for Brian's idea of shopping. Scott and Julie left for another engagement while we did a little housekeeping and then drove up the road to explore the very cute community of Saranac Lake. As night fell Scott and Julie resurfaced and we all watched Saranac Lake's wonderfully ambitious small town fireworks display.

We headed back to camp appreciating what was really just a very nice day in the Adirondacks.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P7040003.jpg nonethumb_P7040005.jpg
Morning in the Lake Placid KOA Our emergency camera struggling with the 'road shot'
thumb_P7040009.jpg nonethumb_P7040011.jpg
Condesation Worked great
thumb_P7040012.jpg nonethumb_P7040014.jpg
Lake Placid city hall The Olympic Skating Pavilion
thumb_P7040017.jpg nonethumb_P7040021.jpg
Actual snow and an actual Rolls Royce. A two-fer Thanks!
thumb_P7040028.jpg nonethumb_P7040030.jpg
The Palace Theater on Main The Palace's alley and drainage solution
thumb_P7040031.jpg nonethumb_P7040032.jpg
A pretty church on the hill The view from the church
thumb_P7040033.jpg nonethumb_P7040037.jpg
Also the view from the church Fully embracing the Olympic theme
thumb_P7040041.jpg nonethumb_P7040046.jpg
Clever name and oddly topical The cute town of Saranac Lake welcomes us
thumb_P7040049.jpg nonethumb_P7040056.jpg
Main street Interesting concrete details on...
thumb_P7040057.jpg nonethumb_P7040061.jpg
The coolest building name all trip. Don't make him add another 'and' Student art under the bridge
thumb_P7040062.jpg nonethumb_P7040064.jpg
Paul's power Brian, catching up on a little news
thumb_P7040066.jpg nonethumb_P7040069.jpg
Fireworks over the lake Happy fourth of July!

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