Day Fourtyone

Willmington, NY to Youngstown, NY
July 5th, 2009

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The top of Whiteface Mountain
Leaving a nice spot and good company
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Four Mile Creek Campground, NY
Hill City, SD

Daily Didactic
We rose earlyish and prepared for a day of driving. We took some good advice and headed first ten miles in the wrong direction to the peak of Whiteface Mountain. Whiteface is one of the "high peaks" of the Adirondacks and is uniquely the one that you can drive to the top of to see all of the others. The climb to the top is a wonderfully windy and steep toll road that ends at a "castle". The road exists because it was done in 1939 before pesky things like environmental impact studies. From the castle parking lot you counterintuitively head not toward the castle, but rather into a long walking tunnel which ends in a subterranean elevator that takes you to the peak. It was brisk and breezy on the top and the view was beautiful. This is pretty country, upstate New York. We milled around, took some pictures, and found a great path down the ridge back to the castle. The castle is a grandiose building for the spot, but probably would not impress aristocracy. We looked in the spartan gift shop and then headed back down the mountain road.

From this point on our trip forward every mile will be in the direction (more or less) of home. We're close to 9,000 miles into a 13,000 mile road trip, but until the compass points west (no we don't actually have a compass) you don't really feel like you are heading home. We settled in for a long day of driving and did the slow crawl out of Adirondack State Park. In Watertown we hit the interstate and progress increased dramatically. We skirted Syracuse a little over an hour later and headed due west for Buffalo. Theresa found a campground on Lake Ontario for the evening and about three hours later we rolled into Four Mile Creek State Campground, just in time to watch a spectacular sunset from a campsite on the lake.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P7050005.jpg nonethumb_P7050008.jpg
Another morning in the Lake Placid KOA The toll gate for the Whiteface Mountain road
thumb_P7050021.jpg nonethumb_P7050022.jpg
A great road with... elevation obsession
thumb_P7050027.jpg nonethumb_P7050028.jpg
The bus coming through the tunnel at the castle The walking tunnel to the elevator to the peak
thumb_P7050029.jpg nonethumb_P7050031.jpg
Not his hardest summit Us and part of Lake Placid
thumb_P7050037.jpg nonethumb_P7050042.jpg
The tower on the top The road up
thumb_P7050046.jpg nonethumb_P7050049.jpg
The very fun walk up or down Lake Placid
thumb_P7050058.jpg nonethumb_P7050062.jpg
It's done this a bunch, first time we got the sign A really amazing used book store, which is closing
thumb_P7050063.jpg nonethumb_P7050070.jpg
That street This much signage is not always helpful
thumb_P7050073.jpg nonethumb_P7050090.jpg
Heated Hot Rod
thumb_P7050095.jpg nonethumb_P7050111.jpg
There are a lot of buildings losing the battle around here Cool window in Watertown
thumb_P7050115.jpg nonethumb_P7050119.jpg
Bacon? Seems unlikely
thumb_P7050134.jpg nonethumb_P7050139.jpg
Another tollbooth, we look forward to these going away in a few days The power grid leaving Niagara Falls
thumb_P7050144.jpg nonethumb_P7050154.jpg
One of a few bridges over the Niagara River The evening sun over Lake Ontario
An amazing sunset over dinner in the bus

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