Day Fourtytwo

Youngstown, NY to Holland, MI
July 6th, 2009

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Daily Didactic
We started the day early, Theresa a little earlier so she could go running. We took advantage of the amenities at what turned out to be one of the nicest campgrounds we've seen on the trip. Around 10:00 we headed the twenty miles south to Niagara Falls. This is a stop we still remember fondly from our first road trip and are happy to have the excuse to stop again.

After crossing the Niagra River on the "Rainbow Bridge to Canada", we wound our way through the massive tourist circus (not necessarily in a bad way) that is Niagara Falls. Fortunately the walk along the falls is protected by a thin strip of what we guess must be parkland. We parked at the distant four-dollar-an-hour lot and walked along the upper river toward the falls. Niagara above the falls is fascinatingly wide and carries a ton of water. At night the water flow is diverted through a dam and generates power for an impressive grid of wires that heads east from the American side of the river. The falls themselves are even more spectacular and create a constant cloud of mist rising up from bottom. We spent about an hour walking down to the "view spot" and back up the river to where we parked. Niagara Falls is sort of an odd nature hike, but we're big fans.

The rest of the day was spent traversing Ontario, waiting for an hour in a traffic backup to get back into the states, and then traversing Michigan to Grand Rapids. In Grand Rapids we stopped at Costco to find a suitable replacement for Lumix (our drowned camera) and headed another hour to Ottawa Beach in Holland State Park, where we found a late campsite for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P7060006.jpg nonethumb_P7060008.jpg
Morning in the very nice... ...Four Mile Creek State Campground
thumb_P7060012.jpg nonethumb_P7060017.jpg
The view you are after is in Canada The river above the falls and a barge that looks like it got stuck in a lucky spot
thumb_P7060022.jpg nonethumb_P7060021.jpg
Rooms with a view Mist rising from the falls
thumb_P7060025.jpg nonethumb_P7060029.jpg
Along the side of the horseshoe Looking down river at the sadly upstaged American Falls
thumb_P7060032.jpg nonethumb_P7060035.jpg
Theresa posing for 'that picture' Brian posing for the same
thumb_P7060033.jpg nonethumb_P7060030.jpg
An old building being reclaimed One of a few 'Maid Of The Mists'
thumb_P7060039.jpg nonethumb_P7060041.jpg
The Maid in perspective A.D.
thumb_P7060045.jpg nonethumb_P7060055.jpg
Ontario Welcomes us It's a big one
thumb_P7060068.jpg nonethumb_P7060071.jpg
Ontario farmland The traffic is backed up over the bridge and then some
thumb_P7060077.jpg nonethumb_P7060090.jpg
30 minutes later, there were 30 more to go Michigan welcomes us
thumb_P7060093.jpg nonethumb_P7060095.jpg
Nice sentiment Almost...
thumb_P7060100.jpg nonethumb_P7060102.jpg
Michigan in the evening More farm country, we like it

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