Day Fourtythree

Holland, MI to Albert Lea, MN
July 7th, 2009

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Our morning walk on the eight dollar Ottawa Beach
Eleven hours on the road felt long
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NPR, Kleptones, Bubba Sparxx, Delbert McClinton
Sunny and rainy in the high 70s
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Seagulls, ducks, cows, horses, goats
Myre-Big Island State Park, MN
Hill City, SD

Daily Didactic
Today was our first really long travel day on our trek back across the midwest.

We started moderately early and were walking on Ottawa Beach by 9:00. We might have passed on the opportunity, but when we arrived around 9:00 last night the Holland State Park ranger informed us that we had to buy an eight dollar day pass to the beach along with our campsite. While it wasn't an eight dollar walk by any means, it is really interesting how much the great lakes feel like the ocean. We wandered out to the end of a breakwater that held a small crowd of morning fishermen and watched one haul in a good sized fish that we couldn't identify. It was a nice beach, but we'd rather pay west coast prices for our large bodies of water.

For the next nine or ten hours we drove out of Michigan, through a corner of Indiana, around Chicago as much as we could, on through Illinois, across Iowa, and eventually stopped just across the border in Minnesota for the night at the curiously empty Myre-Big Island State Park. As far as all day drives go, the day had a a nice mix of industrial wasteland, big city driving, windy small town roads, and interstate across corn fields. And, of course, any five state day feels productive.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000018.jpg nonethumb_P1000026.jpg
Morning in Holland State Park Don't be confused by the railings
thumb_P1000027.jpg nonethumb_P1000028.jpg
Our eight dollar beach The breakwater and us
thumb_P1000038.jpg nonethumb_P1000042.jpg
Ducks cleaning The red lighthouse
thumb_P1000048.jpg nonethumb_P1000049.jpg
The eight dollar beach's tree In particular martinis
thumb_P1000056.jpg nonethumb_P1000061.jpg
Leaving Holland, which really has a very dutch thing going Cool metal art
thumb_P1000096.jpg nonethumb_P1000105.jpg
Preparing to race around Chicago Pretty old building
thumb_P1000107.jpg nonethumb_P1000113.jpg
The skyline with Sears Tower. We hear they are changing its name. Really Sizable water tank
thumb_P1000117.jpg nonethumb_P1000125.jpg
The Morton plant When one won't do
thumb_P1000129.jpg nonethumb_P1000133.jpg
There were a lot of cool barns today And fields
thumb_P1000138.jpg nonethumb_P1000141.jpg
And small towns Weather in the distance
thumb_P1000149.jpg nonethumb_P1000153.jpg
The Mississippi River Dubuque welcomes us
thumb_P1000158.jpg nonethumb_P1000164.jpg
It's not you know... Sunset, more or less
thumb_P1000170.jpg nonethumb_P1000176.jpg
Windmills If Floyd can have one, why can't Brian?

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