Day Fourtyfour

Albert Lea, MN to Wind Cave National Park, SD
July 8th, 2009

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Watching an amazing lightning storm from a distance
Another really long day of driving
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Little Willies, Miranda Lambert, Spin Doctors, Talib Kweli, String Cheese Incident
Sunny, rainy, clear with lightning storms in the distance
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Blue Heron, Deer, Cows
Elk Mountain Campground, Wind Cave National Park
Hill City, SD

Daily Didactic
The day began in the slightly muggy and extra buggy Myre-Big Island State Park. Theresa took a run while Brian worked on getting us road ready. We took advantage of the best showers we've run into all trip and pulled out of the park and shortly after that onto I-90 heading west. From here to Yellowstone is a straight line of interstate heading due west. It is two long days of driving in the bus, which we'll break up with a two night stop in Wind Caves National Park. We visited the area on the last trip and really loved it, slowing down then for Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park and the Badlands. We missed the caves last trip and they seemed like a good opportunity to break up a long drive this time around.

Interstate can be a little numbing, but it goes fast. A good chunk of Minnesota's seems to be torn up and down to one lane. We blame stimulus money. Close to the western edge we stopped for breakfast in Worthington at the Blue Line Diner and then finished up the state. From the interstate South Dakota is remarkably like Minnesota, but with funnier billboards. Between the Corn Palace and Wall Drug there was a modicum of entertainment. We missed the Corn Palace last trip by heading south through the Badlands and have felt bad for five years. We made up for that omission in the early afternoon. The Corn Palace is a fascinating spectacle of art in Mitchell, South Dakota. Giant murals crafted of dried corn cobs nail gunned to plywood adorn a huge community center in the middle of town, and apparently have for almost 100 years. It was really astounding.

We climbed back onto the freeway and spent the next couple of hours finishing the width of South Dakota. We dropped south at Rapid City, weaving down far more rural roads for about an hour to Wind Caves. We enjoyed a fire, a smore, a park ranger presentation on bison, and an incredible lightning display in the distance before calling it a tired night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000186.jpg nonethumb_P1000190.jpg
Morning in Minnesota The park ranger's fun office
thumb_P1000192.jpg nonethumb_P1000197.jpg
Pretty flowers A coat of paint would do wonders
thumb_P1000201.jpg nonethumb_P1000204.jpg
Bad interstate in western Minnesota Old and new
thumb_P1000210.jpg nonethumb_P1000217.jpg
South Dakota welcomes us The Corn Palace nears
thumb_P1000222.jpg nonethumb_P1000226.jpg
Nice attention to detail in Mitchell Theresa, seemingly a little uneasy with her new friend
thumb_P1000225.jpg nonethumb_P1000224.jpg
The Corn Palace The Corn Palace celebrates itself
thumb_P1000229.jpg nonethumb_P1000231.jpg
A Corn Palace installer The corn prep station
thumb_P1000234.jpg nonethumb_P1000248.jpg
Inside the Palace, actually a multi-use community center Crossing the Missouri River
thumb_P1000251.jpg nonethumb_P1000256.jpg
The long and winding road Rolling prairie
thumb_P1000261.jpg nonethumb_P1000263.jpg
Midwest storage Acres of hay rolls
thumb_P1000277.jpg nonethumb_P1000285.jpg
We did this time, didn't the last Crazy weather on the horizon
thumb_P1000298.jpg nonethumb_P1000300.jpg
Winding past Custer State Park... the night's destination
thumb_P1000301.jpg nonethumb_P1000313.jpg
Bus shadow Pretty clouds
And a really exceptional moon rise

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