Day Fourtysix

Wind Cave National Park, SD to Yellowstone National Park, WY
July 10th, 2009

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Driving through Big Horn National Forest
One last really long day in the bus
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Alicia Keys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Louis Prima, The Beatles, Blues Traveler, Dixie Chicks
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Buffalo, deer, rabbits, sheep, cows, horses, and a marmot
Bridge Bay Campground, Yellowstone National Park
West Glacier, MT

Daily Didactic
Our day started in the really exceptional little Elk Mountain Campground. We got on the road early for what should be our last long day of driving for a while, a little over 500 miles to Yellowstone National Park. We were on the move by 8:00 and headed first to a VW mechanic in Sturgis to look at the bus' increasingly squeaky front end. We are used to a certain amount of "squeaky" with the bus, but this noise has been leaking out into parking lots and campgrounds over the last two days and was getting a little embarrassing. Our new mechanic was incredibly helpful and shot every zirk fitting and boot in the front full of grease. The culprit was a ball joint. A half hour and 20 dollars later we were on the road again.

We drove the interstate to Sheridan before cutting west on Highway 14 toward Yellowstone's east entrance. The drive up and over the 8,950 foot Granite Pass (through Big Horn National Forest) was as good as a windy mountain pass road gets. The views were spectacular and it was great to be back in the hills. We dropped back down through Shell Canyon, the town of Greybull, and then Cody before starting the climb up into Yellowstone. We passed through the eastern park entrance about 8:30 and were parked in the bustling Bridge Bay Campground by 9:00. Bridge Bay is one of three in the park that take reservations and we have finally figured out that late Friday night arrivals require reservations. Tomorrow we will move to the quieter Norris campground, but for now Bridge Bay is a great landing spot in Yellowstone.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000468.jpg nonethumb_P1000465.jpg
Morning in the peaceful Elk Mountain campground Site 22 on the prairie
thumb_P1000471.jpg nonethumb_P1000484.jpg
A bison herd, posing on our way out Using the tools at his disposal
thumb_P1000499.jpg nonethumb_P1000507.jpg
Downtown Custer Wyoming welcomes us, we like it's style
thumb_P1000513.jpg nonethumb_P1000517.jpg
Green Trees might be a selling point, but we'd rethink the second half This could be tough country in the winter
thumb_P1000541.jpg nonethumb_P1000550.jpg
Mountains, we haven't seen any tall enough to hold snow for a few weeks Beginning the climb through Big Horn National Forest
thumb_P1000561.jpg nonethumb_P1000553.jpg
Steep and indirect She's not bouncing, she's stuck in a tilt
thumb_P1000569.jpg nonethumb_P1000570.jpg
Road construction and mountain meadows near the top Our captain, focusing
thumb_P1000571.jpg nonethumb_P1000576.jpg
Rocks at the top of the first pass The sign amused us
thumb_P1000580.jpg nonethumb_P1000598.jpg
And then we were surrounded by a mob of sheep Shell Falls
thumb_P1000605.jpg nonethumb_P1000614.jpg
Dropping back down through Shell Canyon Lines and plateaus
thumb_P1000620.jpg nonethumb_P1000626.jpg
High desert in the evening Looking east
thumb_P1000640.jpg nonethumb_P1000641.jpg
A tunnel on the climb after Cody Grazing land just outside the park
thumb_P1000644.jpg nonethumb_P1000657.jpg
About thirteen hours from Wind Cave Smells like sulphur...
thumb_P1000654.jpg nonethumb_P1000662.jpg
Yellowstone Lake at sunset Yellowstone Lake at dusk

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