Day Fourtyseven

Yellowstone National Park, WY to Yellowstone National Park, WY
July 11th, 2009

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Buffalo, deer, elk, pica, swans
Norris Campground, Yellowstone National Park
West Glacier, MT

Daily Didactic
We started early, which is getting to be an unfortunate trend, to bail on Bridge Bay campground and head over to first-come-first-serve Norris campground. We stayed in Norris last road trip and have pleasant memories. It turns out they were not only pleasant but roughly accurate, which was nice. We found a site where we could have a campfire without meeting the neighbors and registered for the evening. After securing lodging we headed south to Old Faithful Village for a shower and some "thermal feature" viewing.

We had a late breakfast at the Old Faithful Inn and joined the throng to watch it's namesake go off on schedule. After watching Old Faithful with the mob, Brian made a phone call and Theresa headed into the Visitor Center. Theresa came out of the Center a few minutes later excited by news that Beehive Geyser's "indicator" was indicating that it would go off very soon, a tip she'd received from a similarly excited Center employee. We scurried down the path and got to Beehive just in time to sit down on the boardwalk, watch it blow, and realize we were directly in it's path. We and about 30 other spectators were drenched, but in a good "it's hot out" kind of way. A little sulphury, this seemed liked a good opportunity to go find the showers.

After cleaning up, we tracked down the backcountry office for some advice on, and a permit for, an overnight backpacking trip for tomorrow. After squaring away an adventure, we then headed down the three mile boardwalk to peer at a passel of geysers, springs, and pools. We recreated our path from 2004 on the drive back to Norris and stopped at Prismatic Pool and Fountain Paint Pots. At Fountain Paint Pots we stumbled across our third really large geyser blowing off for the day, which made us feel fortunate. Eventually we returned to our campsite, enjoyed a campfire, and called it a hydrothermically eventful day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000667.jpg nonethumb_P1000670.jpg
Morning at the not-nearly-this-empty Bridge Bay Campground Yellowstone Lake in the morning
thumb_P1000679.jpg nonethumb_P1000683.jpg
One scenic vista of plenty One buffalo of many
thumb_P1000703.jpg nonethumb_P1000706.jpg
Pretty stream Old Faithful Village
thumb_P1000719.jpg nonethumb_P1000716.jpg
Hoofing it over some hot ground Old Faithful Inn, built in 1904 and very cool
thumb_P1000711.jpg nonethumb_P1000712.jpg
A dining room fireplace Stairs and catwalks over the lobby
thumb_P1000714.jpg nonethumb_P1000721.jpg
Time to go We were the only ones there
thumb_P1000727.jpg nonethumb_P1000730.jpg
Old Faithful It is somewhat rare to see Beehive blow
thumb_P1000741.jpg nonethumb_P1000743.jpg
Beehive starting to go Brian, after an awesome show
thumb_P1000747.jpg nonethumb_P1000754.jpg
'Fear Art', telling a sad story Fascinating formations in the water
thumb_P1000764.jpg nonethumb_P1000770.jpg
Still Brian's favorite name Pretty pool
thumb_P1000774.jpg nonethumb_P1000796.jpg
Ditto On the edge of Prismatic Pool
thumb_P1000803.jpg nonethumb_P1000813.jpg
Sulphury clouds wafting our way Leather Pool
thumb_P1000816.jpg nonethumb_P1000818.jpg
Bubbling Paint Pots Theresa learning
thumb_P1000847.jpg nonethumb_P1000852.jpg
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