Day Fourtyeight

Yellowstone National Park, WY to Yellowstone National Park, WY
July 12th, 2009

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Backpacking amongst the buffalo
Not a one
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57 in the bus, 3 on foot
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Buffalo, elk, black bear, chipmunk
Our tent on Cache Creek, Yellowstone National Park
West Glacier, MT

Daily Didactic
Our day began in the very enjoyable Norris Campground. We had two items on the to-do list today, visit Yellowstone Canyon and hike a short three mile trail to a campsite for the evening. This level of commitment allowed us to start our day with a little shopping and breakfast at Canyon Village. Better clothed and fed, we headed to the north rim of the the canyon and hiked the short but steep path down to the viewing point of the lower falls. On our last visit we did this little hike but skipped the upper falls, so we climbed back in the bus and headed on down the road to the upper falls viewpoint. The upper falls were equally beautiful, not quite as big, and well worth the short drive.

After our canyon viewing excitement, we headed to the northeastern part of the park and Lamar Valley. We had needed a relatively short "in and out" hike in the north of the park, so we could hike out and make it to Missoula tomorrow. Our backcountry park ranger helped us pick a quick three mile hike into Cache Creek. He said that Lamar Valley was the prettiest part of the park and we wouldn't disagree. This area of the park is short on hydrothermal features, but heavy of wildflowers and animals.

We hiked in past a few buffalo, through waves of sunshine and downpours, and in an almost Alaskan quantity of bugs. It was beautiful and we found our campsite and pitched our tent in between late afternoon rain squalls. We took a nap, cooked opportunistically when the sun broke out, and retreated as the rain came again. We read and nodded off in our tent as the most impressive lightning and thunderstorm we've ever been "out in" began in earnest.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000854.jpg nonethumb_P1000856.jpg
Morning in Norris Campground The meander in the meadow below Norris
thumb_P1000867.jpg nonethumb_P1000885.jpg
You simply wait The lower falls in Yellowstone Canyon
thumb_P1000896.jpg nonethumb_P1000904.jpg
The upper falls Heading up Dunraven Pass on the way to Lamar Valley
thumb_P1000914.jpg nonethumb_P1000915.jpg
Hoodoos near Roosevelt Tower A neat, if not unnecessarily dangerous, place to put a road.
thumb_P1000917.jpg nonethumb_P1000923.jpg
Reminds us of Bryce without the color Heading into Lamar Valley
thumb_P1000931.jpg nonethumb_P1000932.jpg
Theresa crossing Lamar River, a few feet into our day's hike Lamar River
thumb_P1000934.jpg nonethumb_P1000937.jpg
Crossing a meadow Theresa, not looking back
thumb_P1000939.jpg nonethumb_P1000942.jpg
This one was not too far off the trail One path is for humans, one for horses
thumb_P1000945.jpg nonethumb_P1000946.jpg
Butterfly Midway to Cache Creek
thumb_P1000952.jpg nonethumb_P1000957.jpg
It was pouring a minute ago Brian, looking for our night's home. 3L1
thumb_P1000960.jpg nonethumb_P1000961.jpg
The view from our tent, between rain flurries The view from outside the tent
thumb_P1000963.jpg nonethumb_P1000969.jpg
Our home on the banks of Cache Creek Our camp buddy
thumb_P1000984.jpg nonethumb_P1000986.jpg
A thunder storm in the distance A closer view

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