Day Fifty

Missoula, MT to Glacier National Park, MT
July 14th, 2009

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Daily Didactic
You'd think we were bigger fans of Missoula or this particular KOA than we really are. This was our third evening over two trips in the perfectly acceptable, but not that exciting, Missoula KOA. It turns out that Missoula is just pretty conveniently located. Theresa leapt out of the bus a little early for a run and Brian did not. We got on the road a little after 9:00 with a shopping list, but found we had beaten our key retailer (REI) to the punch. We killed time with a very cheap and plain breakfast at Perkins. That probably won't happen again. After breakfast we loaded up on identified gaps in our camping gear and then hit the road for the day's destination Glacier National Park.

The road to Glacier heads north from I-90 through some fairly nondescript countryside before passing through Polson and following the huge Flathead Lake to Kalispell. After wandering through Kalispell, the highway heads east to West Glacier and the park entrance. We've been through Glacier, but have not slowed down long enough to sleep before. This trip we intend to spend one night in a campground and one in a tent. We found a spot in the surprisingly nice Apgar Campground and went in search of the Backcountry Office to find a hike for tomorrow. The park ranger helped us identify a hike, but because we arrived at 4:33 and missed the 4:30 cutoff for reservations we will need to be back at 7:00 in the morning. It's good to have a reason to get out of bed...

Half prepared for tomorrow, we grabbed some firewood and headed back to camp. Theresa proceeded to whip up some extraordinary single burner camp food and Brian finished up some web pages. As we enjoyed a quiet campfire a little later, entertainment rolled into an adjacent campsite in the form of a very nice and very odd family. There's a long story there, and we'll save it for another time. We hit the hay smiling and looking forward to an early morning.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010150.jpg nonethumb_P1010157.jpg
One more morning in the Missoula KOA Montana curb appeal
thumb_P1010159.jpg nonethumb_P1010162.jpg
All of the signs were biilingual The enormous Flathead Lake
thumb_P1010171.jpg nonethumb_P1010173.jpg
Kid art in Kalispell ...the rest
thumb_P1010176.jpg nonethumb_P1010178.jpg
Cowboy Spidey on a storefront Us
thumb_P1010183.jpg nonethumb_P1010187.jpg
We took the road to glacier Emu oil?
thumb_P1010190.jpg nonethumb_P1010191.jpg
Not sure what it was called, but it was pretty The community of Hungry Horse
thumb_P1010196.jpg nonethumb_P1010198.jpg
The west entrance to Glacier National Park We like the relief in the sign
thumb_P1010202.jpg nonethumb_P1010209.jpg
Big, blue and clear McDonald Lake It's been raining for days, but the sun came out for us
thumb_P1010212.jpg nonethumb_P1010217.jpg
The chef at work, it was awesome Brian at work, for you

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