Day Fiftyone

Glacier National Park, MT to Glacier National Park, MT
July 15th, 2009

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Fish spawning, squirrels
Our tent on Otokomi Lake, Glacier National Park
Radium Hot Springs, BC

Daily Didactic
7:00 AM came promptly at 7:45, as we realized we had failed to set an alarm. We're not very good at the early morning thing. We packed up camp quickly and headed for the Backcountry Office. The trip, Okotomi Lake in the eastern part of the park, was still available and we laid down our ten dollars for the privilege to hike uphill for five miles and sleep outside. Having secured our spot outdoors, we grabbed breakfast and then headed for the absolutely great "Going To The Sun Road". This thirty mile stretch of road spends about half of it's length winding up the very steep Logan Pass. It's another one of those nineteen-thirties roads that probably couldn't be built today. Very narrow, shin high stone guardrails, switchbacks that vehicles over twenty-one feet can't make, perfect. We hit the top of the pass by 11:00 and dropped the twelve miles down the east side of the pass to Rising Sun campground and our trailhead. After pulling the packs off the roof and filling them up, we were on the trail by 12:30 or so.

The trail to Otokomi Lake was, as advertised, five miles long and 2000 feet up. Theresa rates it "moderate" and Brian rates it "strenuous". The trail was mostly in the trees, which was good for keeping the sun diffused, with occasional breakouts of beautiful scenery. We made it to the backcountry campsite around 3:00, before anyone else and in time to grab the one site with a little distance from the others. For "backcountry" camping, at the end of the trail Glacier really forces some mixing with neighbors. We pitched our tent and headed another hundred yards up to the lake. The lake itself was gorgeous and we found a path around the edge that lead to an incredible view and a ridge Theresa really wanted to climb up. We tabled the ridge for a bit and returned to make some lunch and take nap. Sometime later we made it about half way up to Theresa's ridge before deciding it was more of a climb than we had in mind. After another stellar camp stove meal, in an equally impressive swarm of mosquitos, we called it a wildly picturesque day...

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010220.jpg nonethumb_P1010253.jpg
Morning in the very green Apgar Campground Starting up the seriously steep Going To The Sun Road, loving the guard rails
thumb_P1010262.jpg nonethumb_P1010282.jpg
Looking back at the traffic and terrain The old park buses are still in service
thumb_P1010292.jpg nonethumb_P1010303.jpg
Weeping Wall Looking up at Logan Pass
thumb_P1010306.jpg nonethumb_P1010309.jpg
Sort of a bridge on a cliff Very nice
thumb_P1010316.jpg nonethumb_P1010318.jpg
Looking at the road behind us The summit of Logan Pass
thumb_P1010322.jpg nonethumb_P1010334.jpg
Looking down the east side of the pass, not as steep but equally pretty St. Mary Lake
thumb_P1010338.jpg nonethumb_P1010341.jpg
Our trailhead for the day The bus' campsite
thumb_P1010343.jpg nonethumb_P1010348.jpg
Nothing but joy Five miles up
thumb_P1010359.jpg nonethumb_P1010365.jpg
All very scenic We don't know what they were, but there were a lot of them
thumb_P1010373.jpg nonethumb_P1010375.jpg
Lake Otokomi is up in that basin The rocks were incredibly colorful
thumb_P1010377.jpg nonethumb_P1010381.jpg
Looking back down the valley, which thankfully will be five miles down tomorrow Our 'backcountry' site, sort of a different definition than we are used to
thumb_P1010380.jpg nonethumb_P1010386.jpg
Looks peaceful because you can't see the mosquitos Spawning fish at the head of Rose Creek
thumb_P1010396.jpg nonethumb_P1010400.jpg
Lake Otokomi Theresa...
thumb_P1010407.jpg nonethumb_P1010416.jpg
...not satisfied with the day's elevation gain She's a fan
thumb_P1010419.jpg nonethumb_P1010428.jpg
This was a fun game, the Glacier bear pole. You use a pretty heavy metal rod to hang your bag on a bolt Later in the evening, higher up Theresa's slope
Brian, trying to stand upright

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