Day Fiftytwo

Glacier National Park, MT to Radium Hot Springs, BC
July 16th, 2009

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The hike out of Otokomi Lake
It was just a great day
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281 in the bus, 5 on foot
Bob Marley, The Gray Album, Kleptones, White Zombie
Sunny in the high 80s
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Deer, Cows, Horses
Red Streak Campground, BC
Radium Hot Springs, BC

Daily Didactic
Our day started early in our tent along Otokomi Lake. We opted to pack up and eat on the trail, to avoid the very buggy "food prep area" and it's truly backwoods experience. As soon as we hit the trail the mosquitos fell behind and it was a sunny and joyfully downhill climb for the next couple of hours. The views were beautiful and we both give the Otokomi Lake trail two enthusiastic thumbs up if you find yourself in the area. We rediscovered the bus around 11:00 and were winding back up and over Logan pass by noon. Between traffic and construction it took a couple of hours to get back to West Glacier, where we hit the brakes long enough to visit the Alberta (yes Canada, well inside Montana) Visitors Center to get some hiking maps of the Lake Louise and Jasper areas. Feeling bad that we missed it on the way down, we drove into Whitefish for a little lunch and an abbreviated shopping experience before hitting the road for Canada.

About sixty miles later, beautiful British Columbia welcomed us at Roosville customs. The border stop was the brief northwestern Montana type stop we appreciate, as we reflected on the hour long traffic jam to get back into Michigan we had a week and a half ago. A couple of hours of watching farmland turn into vacation country later we landed at one of our favorite campgrounds, Redstreak Provincial, next to one of our favorite places, Radium Hot Springs, and checked in before beating a path for hot water. We soaked and smiled for a good, warm hour or so before returning to Redstreak for dinner and a very solid night's sleep.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010444.jpg nonethumb_P1010441.jpg
Morning in our backcountry site on Lake Otokomi... ...where we camped where the backcountry directed us
thumb_P1010447.jpg nonethumb_P1010451.jpg
Clear and fishy Rose Creek Theresa heading for the hills again
thumb_P1010453.jpg nonethumb_P1010460.jpg
Looking back Looking forward
thumb_P1010468.jpg nonethumb_P1010484.jpg
Theresa, crossing a bridge Brian, resting on a bridge
thumb_P1010487.jpg nonethumb_P1010498.jpg
A great trail through the trees Working our way back over the Going To The Sun Highway
thumb_P1010503.jpg nonethumb_P1010506.jpg
Mountains Mountain
thumb_P1010519.jpg nonethumb_P1010536.jpg
Looking west at the descent from Logan Pass Haystack Creek
thumb_P1010538.jpg nonethumb_P1010550.jpg
Two sorts of shoulder issues Hula Gal couldn't stand still
thumb_P1010568.jpg nonethumb_P1010572.jpg
Trees along Lake McDonald A T-Rex in the Alberta Welcome Center, in West Glacier
thumb_P1010574.jpg nonethumb_P1010580.jpg
And something that verified we have been seeing squirrels and not marmots Vacancy
thumb_P1010592.jpg nonethumb_P1010593.jpg
Whitefish welcomes us for lunch Kid art on Casey's
thumb_P1010601.jpg nonethumb_P1010607.jpg
It was one huge cow It takes minutes, not hours, to cross in Montana
thumb_P1010608.jpg nonethumb_P1010616.jpg
British Columbia welcomes us The Canadian Rockies in the distance
It's even better when your morning starts in a tent

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