Day Fiftythree

Radium Hot Springs, BC to Jasper National Park, AB
July 17th, 2009

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Three Radium soaks in one summer
Waiting 20 minutes to be rejected at Whistler Campground
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Nappy Roots, Lyle Lovett
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Deer and Elk
Mount Kerkeslin Campground
Prince Rupert, BC

Daily Didactic
We started the morning in Redstreak Campground and did our level best to get on the road at an hour that would accommodate one more soak in Radium Hot Springs. This would bring our summer Radium soak total to three, an unprecedented success for us. We immediately lost momentum with a breakfast at Mickey's Diner and ultimately didn't get on the road north from the hot springs until a little after noon. This was not the end of the world, as we had only about four and a half hours of driving to get to Jasper. The Icefield Parkway drive was just as spectacularly scenic as it is every time we travel it and the weather was beautifully sunny.

We weren't exactly sure where we were staying and it was a Friday, which for us spells trouble. We reasoned that the 800+ site Whistler would surely have sites available, but we would opt for the 300+ site Wapiti campground instead. As we passed the "Campground Full" sign at Wapiti about three miles out of Jasper we sighed a little relief to see no such sign on Whistler. We got in a long line of other travelers and about twenty minutes later were informed by a earnest Canadian that Whistler was full, but they did not want to hang the "Full" sign out so they could direct campers south to open campgrounds. He explained that if they did not direct campers in person they would "end up camping on the side of the road". Our suspicion is that they might have just tried another campground twenty minutes earlier. We ended up bactracking about 20 miles to the almost empty "primitive" Mount Kerkeslin campground. We took a walk along the Athabaska River, and Theresa took a nap while Brian did his level best to burn a huge pile of free wood. Apparently it's been raining around here and when Theresa rose a few hours later Brian had just managed to dry out enough wood for a late evening warming.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010635.jpg nonethumb_P1010643.jpg
Morning in the nice and pricey Redstreak Provincial Campground The hotsprings, round three for the summer
thumb_P1010649.jpg nonethumb_P1010647.jpg
From the other end It's really time to go...
thumb_P1010650.jpg nonethumb_P1010671.jpg
The 'cool pool' sun bathing area We are keeping an eye out for one legged elk
thumb_P1010677.jpg nonethumb_P1010684.jpg
Just north of Banff, the beginning of the spectacular Icefield Parkway We may have less stuff in the bus
thumb_P1010695.jpg nonethumb_P1010701.jpg
Pretty blue lake Traffic, mixed with a bike race
thumb_P1010712.jpg nonethumb_P1010732.jpg
There... ...are six...
thumb_P1010737.jpg nonethumb_P1010741.jpg
...shots of... ...amazing scenery...
thumb_P1010745.jpg nonethumb_P1010754.jpg a... ...row here.
thumb_P1010760.jpg nonethumb_P1010767.jpg
The actual animals on the left don't seem to be emitting rays Ahh... Jasper
thumb_P1010769.jpg nonethumb_P1010770.jpg
Where we waited in this line 20 minutes to be told the campground was full Mount Kerkeslin campground 20 miles south, much less busy
thumb_P1010774.jpg nonethumb_P1010777.jpg
With nice views The Athabasca River
thumb_P1010785.jpg nonethumb_P1010790.jpg
Orange flower Black bird
thumb_P1010793.jpg nonethumb_P1010794.jpg
Clear creek feeding the river The view up from the campfire

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