Day Fiftyfive

Jasper National Park, AB to Vanderhoof, BC
July 19th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Waking up at the top of Fryatt Valley
Finding the Blue Spruce closed
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Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
327 in the bus, 12 on foot
K'naan, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, On The Media, Outkast
Sunny in the low 70s
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
It's in liters again, we're working on it
Deer, cows, horses
Dave's RV Park, Vanderhoof
Prince Rupert, BC

Daily Didactic
The morning started early for us, at 7:30, so we could pop up over the rise behind the campground and look at Fryatt Lake and the waterfall above it. It had poured rain overnight, so we packed up everything before leaving the tent and left it to be broken down after we got back. Oddly for us, we were the first to stir in the campground. Even odder, when we got back 45 minutes later there was still no one up. Theresa cooked breakfast while Brian packed up our tent and by the time we were eating at 9:30 only one couple (we believe the only two out of "university") had popped out of their tent. As we hiked out of camp at 10:00 we wondered whether we'd screwed up another time zone, but it probably just turns out that it is nice to be a college student and accustomed to late mornings...

The five hour hike down felt a lot easier than the one up and we were rolling out of the trailhead around 3:00 in the afternoon. According to "G" we had about four and a half hours of driving to do to get to the night's destination, Prince George. Between a quick lunch in Jasper, construction, and gas stops that stretched to a respectable five and a half hours and we rolled into Prince George around 8:30. We had planned on staying at an old standby, the Blue Spruce, a campground we spent a week at in the mid 90's waiting for a new engine for the bus to come from Nova Scotia. Sadly, sometime in the last five years the Blue Spruce has closed it's gate. We developed a quick "Plan B" and headed another hour west to Vanderhoof and settled in to the extraordinarily clean and efficient feeling Dave's RV Park for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010875.jpg nonethumb_P1010880.jpg
Morning in the incredibly picturesque Brussels campground The food prep area
thumb_P1010882.jpg nonethumb_P1010890.jpg
Bear poles, with the most clever cable system Looking down the valley at clouds on the Icefield Parkway
thumb_P1010893.jpg nonethumb_P1010902.jpg
The lake at the top of the valley with an amazing waterfall just over Brian's head An equally cool and much closer waterfall
thumb_P1010906.jpg nonethumb_P1010908.jpg
Theresa, celebrating falling water And just looking up in any direction gave us this
thumb_P1010921.jpg nonethumb_P1010926.jpg
Cool striations Heading back, eleven miles downhill
thumb_P1010927.jpg nonethumb_P1010944.jpg
Looking up again Trail shot
thumb_P1010947.jpg nonethumb_P1010953.jpg
Upstream The south vista again
thumb_P1010964.jpg nonethumb_P1010973.jpg
We're sure it's bad for the leaf, but it's really pretty One last look south, we headed north here
thumb_P1010978.jpg nonethumb_P1010980.jpg
The Jasper Visitor Center Sort of a sad reminder, apparently it rotted and became a public hazard
thumb_P1010984.jpg nonethumb_P1010987.jpg
Destination, Prince George Seems like BC used to be more humble
thumb_P1010988.jpg nonethumb_P1010995.jpg
We like the sign Three things the bus is actually faster than
thumb_P1010996.jpg nonethumb_P1040001.jpg
Road shot along a lake we can't remember the name of We will
thumb_P1040007.jpg nonethumb_P1040009.jpg
Prince George in the early evening... ...welcoming us
On to Plan B, Vanderhoof

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