Day Fiftysix

Vanderhoof, BC to Prince Rupert, BC
July 20th, 2009

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Kinnikinnick Campground
Prince Rupert, BC

Daily Didactic
The morning of our last "driving day" for a few weeks started at the simply named "Dave's RV Park" in Vanderhoof, BC. Since we theoretically had a little under eight hours to go to Prince Rupert, we did our best to sleep in a little but still managed to hit the road around 9:00. We skipped breakfast in Vanderhoof for an undetermined diner down the road, which ultimately turned out to be lunch at a great little health food deli in the seemingly unlikely community of Burns lake. The day's drive along the Yellowhead Highway was scenic and easy, and around 6:00 we rolled into the coastal community of Prince Rupert. We have three nights and two full days until our ferry to Petersburg departs and we first drove to the campground closest to the ferry terminal. Deciding that it was not a place we were eager to spend three nights at, we backtracked to the second closest campground in Port Edward eight miles away. While not exciting either, it wasn't scary and met the electricity/internet/laundry criteria. We registered for a night and headed back into Prince Rupert to find a meal.

The Milepost had talked up a "revitalized" section of town called Cow Bay. While revitalized implies that the area must have been in bad shape, there were some cute shops and a place to get a bite to eat on the harbor. As we were driving back to our campground we passed a neat old building that had advertised itself as "Pioneer Hostel". Both prepared to treat ourselves a little, we stopped in and looked at a private room for two. The flooring was from the back half our house and the paint was from our living room. The deal was sealed and we paid for the next two nights.

We returned to the far more utilitarian Kinnikinnick Campground for the night and looked forward to living large and not driving tomorrow...

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040011.jpg nonethumb_P1040015.jpg
Morning in the clean and efficient Dave's RV Park Vanderhoof, the geographical center of BC
thumb_P1040016.jpg nonethumb_P1040019.jpg
Hay pyramids We're shooting for Prince Rupert today
thumb_P1040022.jpg nonethumb_P1040025.jpg
Seems like mixing two things that shouldn't go together A very fortunate lunch find in Burns Lake
thumb_P1040033.jpg nonethumb_P1040040.jpg
Moosen? Farm country again, probably our last
thumb_P1040046.jpg nonethumb_P1040050.jpg
Normally we'd hang a right here, but this time we're taking the ferry Road shot east of Terrace
thumb_P1040053.jpg nonethumb_P1040055.jpg
Brian could smell free consultation somewhere around here Found it, sort of. Dave didn't work on Mondays
thumb_P1040063.jpg nonethumb_P1040071.jpg
Train bridge on the road to Prince Rupert A huge bowl
thumb_P1040073.jpg nonethumb_P1040078.jpg
Bridges Turns out we should have just gone left
Alright, the bus is going to get a break for a while

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