Day Fiftyseven

Prince Rupert, BC to Prince Rupert, BC
July 21st, 2009

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Living large in the Pioneer Hostel
We tried, but nothing
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Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
15 miles in the bus, a few on foot
Cloudy, in the 60s
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Room 15, Pioneer Hostel
Petersburg, AK

Daily Didactic
We started the morning in the just fine, but hard to get enthused about, Kinnikinnick Campground in between Prince Rupert and Port Edward. While we would have been fine here for a couple of days, the knowledge that we were moving into a quaint old building for the next couple of days had us up and moving at the perfectly reasonable hour of 9:30. We were in Prince Rupert and toting our stuff up the three flights of stairs of the hundred year old building by 10:00. We stayed long enough to drop off our gear and then "hoofed it" over to Cowpuccino's (the amusingly cow punned coffee shop around the corner) for some breakfast and a fancy coffee drink for Brian. We shopped our way around the two blocks of Cow Bay, peered at the harbor for a bit, and enjoyed our general lack of westward movement.

We then proceeded to spend the rest of the day doing not much at all. We found a couple of bookstores, a little dinner, and enjoyed a relaxing evening in a comfortable room.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040094.jpg nonethumb_P1040111.jpg
Morning at the lush and rustic Kinnikinnick Campground Later morning at the relatively posh Pioneer Hostel
thumb_P1040107.jpg nonethumb_P1040110.jpg
A turn of the century building with some primary color touches Stairs down from the third floor
thumb_P1040109.jpg nonethumb_P1040098.jpg
Our home for the next couple of days, room 15 From the third floor back stairs, looking at the fire pit and neighborhood deer
thumb_P1040105.jpg nonethumb_P1040103.jpg
They also seemed happy to be here The gazebo and an amusing planter
thumb_P1040101.jpg nonethumb_P1040112.jpg
A tunnel to the Prince Rupert 'Sunken Gardens' Cow Bay, as funky as Prince Rupert wants to be
thumb_P1040114.jpg nonethumb_P1040115.jpg
Cowpuccinos. Great breakfast, coffee and deserts, and a clever thematic name Cow poles
thumb_P1040117.jpg nonethumb_P1040119.jpg
Cow Bay Harbor A sail boat on it's way in, sans sails
thumb_P1040128.jpg nonethumb_P1040122.jpg
An emphatic no Seems like a good design if you want to attract pigeons
thumb_P1040125.jpg nonethumb_P1040120.jpg
Almost life sized A cow tub planter
She really loves cows...

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