Day Fiftyeight

Prince Rupert, BC to Prince Rupert, BC
July 22nd, 2009

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The third floor of the Pioneer Hostel
Still nothing...
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5 miles in the bus, a few on foot
Cloudy, in the 60s
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Pigeons, dogs and a cat
Room 15, Pioneer Hostel
Petersburg, AK

Daily Didactic
Today was a wonderful "down day". We slept late and headed back to Cowpuccinos for another breakfast. After a slow morning we jumped into the bus to traverse Prince Rupert for the ferry terminal, with the goal of making sure our reservations were functional. There was no particular reason to question everything being in order, but the junction of two months of driving and our first firm deadline of the summer made it feel like a good idea. We found the Alaska Marine Highway ferry terminal and a sadly cranky man who processed our tickets. We were heading back through Prince Rupert for the hostel twenty minutes later, done with all the responsibilities we could conjure up for the day.

Theresa found the community gym for a workout while Brian did his best to catch up on the internet at the hostel. The hostel keeper Christy let us know there would be a guest bar-b-que at 7:00. We aren't big on social gatherings with strangers, but usually find that we enjoy the folks we end up meeting. Tonight was no different and we chatted with an interesting collection of Canadian and European travelers over dinner and a campfire.

We hit the hay, setting the alarm for 5:00 AM to be in line at the ferry dock by 5:30. This makes neither of us happy.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040111.jpg nonethumb_P1040131.jpg
Morning in the very pleasant Pioneer Hostel Looking for the ferry
thumb_P1040132.jpg nonethumb_P1040133.jpg
This seems right It was and everything was good to go
thumb_P1040134.jpg nonethumb_P1040136.jpg
Totems downtown We think this grassy one looked hairy
thumb_P1040137.jpg nonethumb_P1040139.jpg
Prince Rupert City Hall Kid art on a downtown mural
thumb_P1040140.jpg nonethumb_P1040141.jpg
Back to Cow Bay Storage Problems
thumb_P1040142.jpg nonethumb_P1040143.jpg
We looked back and saw a deck waiting to hold us Cow Bay Harbor
thumb_P1040145.jpg nonethumb_P1040146.jpg
Theresa, happy to be on water Brian, happy to be doing nothing at all
thumb_P1040147.jpg nonethumb_P1040149.jpg
The Eagle Bluff B&B, looks fun We think Theresa scared him a bit
Also, please do not dive off the cliff

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