Day Fiftynine

Prince Rupert, BC to Petersburg, AK
July 23rd, 2009

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Riding the ferry into Petersburg
1:45 arrival time
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The Bus Playlist
5 in the bus, 254 on the ferry
Cloudy and rainy
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Night's Lodging
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Whale and gulls
JoAnn's house in Petersburg, AK
Sitka, AK

Daily Didactic
The morning started way too early in our way too comfortable hostel room in what we have now learned locals refer to simply as "Rupert". We loaded up the bus and tried to find a cup of fancy coffee for Brian at 5:00 am. Didn't work. We got in the short line at the Alaska Marine Highway terminal and proceeded to clean house and gather what our friend in Petersburg had told us were ferry necessities. Our day was to be spent in the covered rear upper deck of the Taku, under the wonderful solarium. The solarium is a covered area with yellow glass, heat lamps, and lawn chairs that fold flat for sleeping. With a pad and a sleeping bag you can spend the day "outside" in any weather with one of the best views in the Southeast, if you don't mind watching the scenery go by in reverse. We don't at all.

We parked the bus in the car deck and found the solarium almost empty. The weather verged on rain, so we set up our chairs just inside the solarium and settled in for the day. After sailing we made up for the ridiculously early morning with a great nap, waking up a few hours later and just before docking in Ketchikan for a few hours. The weather was nasty so we didn't go ashore. The rest of the afternoon was a great mix of napping, reading, eating, and more napping. We pulled into Wrangell around 9:00 in the evening, and the weather still encouraged us to stay in our bags under the heat lamps.

Around 1:30 in the morning we pulled into Petersburg, fetched the bus from the car deck, and made our way to our friend JoAnn's house downtown. After a quick bit of catching up we hit some of the most comfortable hay we've hit all summer.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040157.jpg nonethumb_P1040151.jpg
An early morning at the Pioneer Hostel Our very cozy and comfortable green room
thumb_P1040159.jpg nonethumb_P1040162.jpg
Brian re-lashing the load to the roof for the ferry Our ride for the day
thumb_P1040164.jpg nonethumb_P1040165.jpg
Let's Go! Driving down the ramp into the Taku
thumb_P1040167.jpg nonethumb_P1040168.jpg
Just follow the signs Our spot under the yellow glass of the solarium
thumb_P1040172.jpg nonethumb_P1040174.jpg
A room with a view for the day Looking forward
thumb_P1040175.jpg nonethumb_P1040179.jpg
Saying goodbye to BC The foggy view after a few hours of napping, somewhere just short of Ketchikan
thumb_P1040187.jpg nonethumb_P1040192.jpg
Theresa, artisting Ketchikan car ferries, apparently still in business with no bridge to nowhere
thumb_P1040193.jpg nonethumb_P1040194.jpg
A quiet afternoon on deck A quite afternoon in the dining hall
thumb_P1040196.jpg nonethumb_P1040197.jpg
About the only shot we have off the bow It absolutely is
thumb_P1040198.jpg nonethumb_P1040202.jpg
Theresa loves the railings Atmospheric perspective
thumb_P1040207.jpg nonethumb_P1040208.jpg
Wrangell at dusk Cleverness with fluorescent lights in the forward observation deck
thumb_P1040211.jpg nonethumb_P1040213.jpg
Docking in Wrangell Elvis looking over the karaoke machine
thumb_P1040220.jpg nonethumb_P1040222.jpg
Nothing but joy Give hope for humanity
Petersburg, at 1:30 in the morning

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