Day Sixty

Petersburg, AK to Petersburg, AK
July 24th, 2009

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Getting to better know Petersburg
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Fish, Cauliflower Anemone
JoAnn's house in Petersburg, AK
Sitka, AK

Daily Didactic
Morning started in rainy Petersburg at a thankfully relaxed hour. We visited with our gracious host and buddy JoAnn and had a late breakfast. The weather wasn't really conducive to outdoor activities, other than the couple block walk downtown for a tour and and some errands. In the early afternoon we headed out to do just that.

Petersburg is a really beautiful little town, with a boat harbor full of working fish boats and a strong Norwegian influence. Downtown main street, which is actually Nordic Drive, is a half dozen commercial blocks long with everything you'd need. We stopped in shops, galleries, and visited the harbor. It was a great walking tour and we were left convinced that should we ever move to a Southeast Alaskan town, Petersburg would do nicely. We stopped at Coastal at the end of the afternoon and picked up a couple of extraordinarily fresh dungeness crabs for dinner.

The only thing that makes us happier than crab dinner at this point in the road trip is the prospect of watching "moving pictures" of some sort. Fortunately the local middle school also moonlights as the local movie theater and was playing the movie Hangover. We headed with bellies full of seafood for this excitement around 7:00 and a couple of hours later headed back to JoAnn's, Brian very amused and the girls moderately amused.

It was a really wonderful day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040231.jpg nonethumb_P1040233.jpg
Morning, upstairs in our awesome Petersburg digs Cool sidewalk art, one of many
thumb_P1040234.jpg nonethumb_P1040235.jpg
Murals and... ...more murals
thumb_P1040236.jpg nonethumb_P1040237.jpg
JoAnn's kids did these as a community project Rosemaling, Norwegian decorative painting
thumb_P1040238.jpg nonethumb_P1040240.jpg
Flags around Lee's Our awesome tour guide and gracious host JoAnn and Brian
thumb_P1040242.jpg nonethumb_P1040245.jpg
The monumental Sons Of Norway Hall Fisherman and boat
thumb_P1040246.jpg nonethumb_P1040248.jpg
The harbor and low hanging clouds Viking art!
thumb_P1040249.jpg nonethumb_P1040251.jpg
A small skiff Sunny Petersburg
thumb_P1040254.jpg nonethumb_P1040258.jpg
Cauliflower anemone Waterfront property
thumb_P1040260.jpg nonethumb_P1040262.jpg
Bojer Wikan Fisherman's Memorial Bank Sadly for him, quite likely half of our dinner

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