Day Sixtyone

Petersburg, AK to Petersburg, AK
July 25th, 2009

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Driving the road and hiking the lakes
Yep, none
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30 or so in Joann's truck, four on foot
Sunny Petersburg
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Deer, ducks, porcupine
JoAnn's house in Petersburg, AK
Sitka, AK

Daily Didactic
Our morning started a little before 9:00 in an overcast Petersburg. Theresa and JoAnn impressively headed off for yoga and Brian did not. Brian instead headed down the hill to a coffee shop, purchased a healthy sized coffee, and then wandered downtown and the harbor. After yoga, Theresa and JoAnn went for a run and Brian did his level best to catch up on the internet. By the late morning everyone had worked up an appetite and we had a little lunch in preparation for the day's exploration of Petersburg's road system.

Petersburg's road system consists of a short loop around town and about 30 miles of road heading southeast out of town. We did the loop first and saw the post office, grocery store, some really impressive houses with more impressive views, and Sand Beach which is only sandy with a little help from Petersburg residents. After looping town we headed "out the road", stopping first at the hatchery and looking at the slough that the town skates and plays on in the winter. We headed from there up to Blind River Rapids, a beautiful little spot where JoAnn and her students count swans for Fish and Game during the school year. Next came the awesomely named "Man-Made Hole", a picturesque pond with a great boardwalk and some enormous SouthEast trees around it. After lapping the hole we drove on out to Crescent Beach and looked across the bay at Wrangell on what had become a beautifully sunny clear day. At this point we had more or less hit the end of the road and turned the truck north back toward town.

Not having exhausted themselves adequately with yoga, pilates and a run, Theresa and JoAnn were eager to hike the Three Lakes Trail that circles Sand, Hill, and Crane lakes. The trail was an amazingly constructed boardwalk over marshy muskeg for the miles around the lakes. We made it around two of the lakes, Crane and Hill, before everyone decided it was time for dinner and we headed back up the road for Mexican dinner at La Fonda on the harbor. After a great meal, we returned home and called it an incredibly scenic day in sunny Petersburg.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040264.jpg nonethumb_P1040272.jpg
Another morning in the best room we've had all summer Boats in the morning fog
thumb_P1040276.jpg nonethumb_P1040287.jpg
Lingering morning clouds about to disappear Fartsdemper
thumb_P1040289.jpg nonethumb_P1040298.jpg
Sing Lee Alley, historic 1900's buildings Quiet downtown Petersburg
thumb_P1040303.jpg nonethumb_P1040304.jpg
The Petersburg Museum Sand Beach
thumb_P1040309.jpg nonethumb_P1040313.jpg
Our first walk of the day, out the road Looking up the rapids
thumb_P1040320.jpg nonethumb_P1040321.jpg
Looking at the lovely ladies Looking at the rapids
thumb_P1040328.jpg nonethumb_P1040333.jpg
All hers? A concerned porcupine
thumb_P1040341.jpg nonethumb_P1040335.jpg
We love the no-nonsense name Us and bad tree hugging technique
thumb_P1040337.jpg nonethumb_P1040356.jpg
The cool wavy boardwalk around Man-Made Hole Looking across at Wrangell from Crescent Beach
thumb_P1040400.jpg nonethumb_P1040371.jpg
Read the lakes from the bottom up More bullet holes than lakes, but still helpful
thumb_P1040365.jpg nonethumb_P1040373.jpg
On the Three Lakes Trail A pretty incredible boardwalk
thumb_P1040392.jpg nonethumb_P1040404.jpg
Hill Lake Petersburg seniors sign the road out of town
thumb_P1040407.jpg nonethumb_P1040417.jpg
A muskeg art installation of doors Devil's Thumb over Petersburg Harbor
thumb_P1040424.jpg nonethumb_P1040425.jpg
Looking up Hammer Slough Elvis, tonight looking over our Mexican dinner

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