Day Sixtytwo

Petersburg, AK to Petersburg, AK
July 26th, 2009

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Kayaking Petersburg Creek
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A few by truck, a few on foot, 11 by kayak
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JoAnn's house in Petersburg, AK
Sitka, AK

Daily Didactic
Today started a little later than yesterday, with a quick walk down to the coffee shop followed by a tour of the really nice Petersburg High School. Around noon we ate a little lunch in preparation for a day of kayaking across the Wrangell Narrows from Petersburg, up Petersburg Creek. A couple of JoAnn's neighbors had been gracious enough to offer us loaner kayaks for the day, which we gathered and loaded into the back of her truck for the quick trip to the harbor.

It was a late tide so we got on the water somewhere around three and headed across the bay to the inlet at the mouth of Petersburg Creek. It was another absolutely beautiful sunny afternoon and a perfect day to be paddling a kayak. Riding the tide the five miles or so upstream was a lot of fun and we met a handful of other Petersburg residents also enjoying the idea of a late afternoon picnic up the creek. Around 5:00 we stopped on a rapidly disappearing beach for a sandwich and then paddled another half mile or so before the tide offered to carry us back out the way we came in. A little over four hours from start to finish we were back at the harbor, all smiles and ready for dinner.

After returning equipment and getting settled we came to the realization that after 8:00 on a Sunday evening in Petersburg our restaurant options were a little limited. We returned for a second night to La Fonda (which tonight we learned means "little kitchen" in spanish) and had another meal that completely hit the spot. We headed back to the house, Brian and Theresa mentally preparing for packing up and getting back on the ferry tomorrow and JoAnn mentally preparing to start coaching cross country running in the morning.

After looking at kayaking pictures we called it another awesome day in sunny Petersburg.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P7260002.jpg nonethumb_P7260001.jpg
Late morning in Petersburg With the truck loaded for a day of paddling
thumb_P7260006.jpg nonethumb_P7260011.jpg
On our way out of Petersburg Harbor Across the Wrangell Narrows, heading up the inlet to Petersburg Creek
thumb_P7260016.jpg nonethumb_P7260290.jpg
Our awesome guide and outfitter for the day Us, apparently heading off on our own
thumb_P7260291.jpg nonethumb_P7260308.jpg
The red ones are plastic, somehow Theresa got a slippery fiberglas one Nothing but joy
thumb_P7260310.jpg nonethumb_P7260028.jpg
Minutes earlier this was our picnicking beach One last push up the creek before the tide turns around
thumb_P7260318.jpg nonethumb_P7260315.jpg
Getting close to our end Slack water and time to follow the tide back out
thumb_P7260297.jpg nonethumb_P7260303.jpg
Brian, charging ahead Brian, rubbernecking
thumb_P7260039.jpg nonethumb_P7260048.jpg
Brian, off-roading JoAnn, simply enjoying the day
thumb_P7260338.jpg nonethumb_P7260334.jpg
Us, with Devil's Thumb in the background Seems like someone should be paddling here
thumb_P7260340.jpg nonethumb_P7260054.jpg
Petersburg in the background An eagle and the moon
thumb_P7260283.jpg nonethumb_P1040433.jpg
Theresa, she's been smiling for hours Rosemaling on the Sons Of Norway building
thumb_P1040434.jpg nonethumb_P1040437.jpg
La Fonda, fine mexican dining for the second night in a row The bear is back, but apparently is missing a fish in it's jaws
A beautiful dusk on a truly great day

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