Day Sixtythree

Petersburg, AK to Sitka, AK
July 27th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Fourteen hours on deck under the sun
Leaving Petersburg
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
209 miles on the ferry
Silence on the car deck
Really, really sunny
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Night's Lodging
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Whales, sea lions
Boat launch parking in Sitka
Juneau, AK

Daily Didactic
The day began a little early, with us getting ready for an all day ferry ride to Sitka and JoAnn preparing for the first day of running with her cross country students. It was another beautiful morning and after a sad goodbye to a good friend we headed for the ferry dock and food. We stopped at a great little bakery right next to the marine highway terminal and purchased some nourishment before parking the bus in line. We took the opportunity to do some house reorganizing and packed our pads and sleeping bags for a day on the solarium deck.

The last day we spent on the solarium deck was rainy and overcast, but today was nothing but sunny. We lounged and napped and lounged, got cooked by the sun, and enjoyed spectacular scenery for the better part of fourteen hours. We stopped at the ferry dock in Kake for a couple of hours, passed through a pod of humpback whales, Theresa managed to get a tour of the bridge without Brian, and we passed through the narrows north of Sitka in the dusk and fog. We haven't had many, but it really must have been about the best day you could have on a ferry in the SouthEast.

We pulled into Sitka at 11:30 at night and headed the 3/4 of a mile to Starrigavan Campground where we had made a reservation online in order to assure we had a spot for the night. Oddly the gate had locked us out and everyone else in at 10:00pm. A little disappointed at the day's final turn of events, we called it a night in the boat launch parking lot a little after midnight.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040442.jpg nonethumb_P1040443.jpg
Our last morning at JoAnn's fabulous digs Both ladies are looking far too chipper for the hour
thumb_P1040447.jpg nonethumb_P1040453.jpg
The awesome bakery next to the ferry dock We hung a right...
thumb_P1040456.jpg nonethumb_P1040459.jpg get back on our current favorite ferry, the Taku Looking back toward Petersburg
thumb_P1040464.jpg nonethumb_P1040466.jpg
Real estate on pilings for sale A dirty bus, Sitka bound
thumb_P1040468.jpg nonethumb_P1040472.jpg
Brian, going with it Road shot, down the ramp to the Taku
thumb_P1040473.jpg nonethumb_P1040477.jpg
Entertainment on the car deck for when the riff raff goes upstairs Brian, settling in for a day on deck
thumb_P1040481.jpg nonethumb_P1040482.jpg
Looking forward off the bow in Petersburg Devil's thumb over the city
thumb_P1040494.jpg nonethumb_P1040498.jpg
Glaciers on the way out of town More glacier on the way out of town
thumb_P1040502.jpg nonethumb_P1040508.jpg
Theresa, happy to be on deck. She'll come out of her cocoon eventually The view
thumb_P1040510.jpg nonethumb_P1040515.jpg
The best we could do with a lot of whales Making a subtle turn in big water
thumb_P1040517.jpg nonethumb_P1040530.jpg
Islands near Kake The solarium, one of our new favorite places
thumb_P1040532.jpg nonethumb_P1040540.jpg
Docked in Kake in the late afternoon A barge in the narrows heading away from Sitka
thumb_P1040544.jpg nonethumb_P1040559.jpg
A beautiful bay that we should really find the name of Sitka, at 11:30 at night

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