Day Sixtyfour

Sitka, AK to Sitka, AK
July 28th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Finding Todd and Cori at the airport in the evening
Not getting to our campsite until 7:00 am
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The Bus Playlist
22 in the bus, a few on foot
Nothing seemed necessary
Overcast in the morning, sunny after 10:00, in the 70's
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Ann's Gavin Hill B&B
Juneau, AK

Daily Didactic
We woke early in our Sitka parking lot and headed over to get a few hours of our money's worth out of our Starrigavan campsite. We slept in late, and woke up to realize we were surrounded by the biggest trees we have camped next to since the redwoods. We eventually headed into town in the late morning and spent some time trying to find the B&B we'd be spending the next two nights at. Google Maps appears to have Sitka at least slightly confused and we eventually found the place on our own. From our B&B we headed in the direction that looked most like downtown and milled with cruise ship passengers down Lincoln Street until we found a bite to eat in the restaurant under the Sitka Hotel. Filled with food we wandered on down Lincoln to the Totem Park and the Pioneers Home, up Castle Hill, around by the boat harbor, across the now closed Sheldon Jackson College, and through the small Sage Aquarium and Hatchery. The weather was bluebird clear and warm, and it was just a really great day for wandering Sitka. There were, however, four cruise ships offshore of downtown and there was a lot of traffic on the sidewalk.

We decided we'd head for the B&B and kill a little time until the cruise ship's dinner whistles blew at 6:00 and the town emptied out. When we returned to town around 6:15 we learned another interesting thing about Sitka as a cruise ship town, everything closes when the cruise ship passengers depart. We window shopped and found a bite to eat for dinner and eventually headed back to the B&B for the evening. At a little before 11:00 we headed to the airport to pick up our good friends and companions for the Chilkoot Trail, Todd and Cori. After doing some quick visiting we called it a great day in the little town Brian was born in a few years ago.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040560.jpg nonethumb_P1040569.jpg
Morning in site 18 of Starrigavan Campground, we hadn't been there long Looking up in the huge trees
thumb_P1040577.jpg nonethumb_P1040588.jpg
Starrigavan Creek On of the smaller boats we saw
thumb_P1040592.jpg nonethumb_P1040597.jpg
Mount Edgecumbe An unlikely Shiva in the back of the Sitka Hotel 'Pour House'
thumb_P1040607.jpg nonethumb_P1040609.jpg
The old and funky Sitka Hotel The pioneer in front of the Pioneer House
thumb_P1040610.jpg nonethumb_P1040612.jpg
Totem park in front of the Pioneer Home The top of the totem
thumb_P1040615.jpg nonethumb_P1040616.jpg
The bottom of the totem looking up A petroglyph next to the totem
thumb_P1040629.jpg nonethumb_P1040631.jpg
Sitka welcomes us A light house across the harbor
thumb_P1040634.jpg nonethumb_P1040643.jpg
Three cruise ships in the harbor, a fourth was around the corner The boats in Crescent Harbor
thumb_P1040647.jpg nonethumb_P1040656.jpg
One of the bigger boats we saw today, ignoring the cruise ships... Harbor cleanup artifacts
thumb_P1040657.jpg nonethumb_P1040658.jpg
The sign was arguably cooler than the octopus The Sheldon Jackson Sage Building and hatchery , now run by volunteers
thumb_P1040660.jpg nonethumb_P1040662.jpg
A great old chimney over part of the now closed Sheldon Jackson College St. Peters Church
thumb_P1040666.jpg nonethumb_P1040670.jpg
Downtown looking up the street toward St. Michaels Church The bridge to the airport
thumb_P1040671.jpg nonethumb_P1040673.jpg
Ferry water taxis The something apartment building and the top of St. Michaels
thumb_P1040674.jpg nonethumb_P1040682.jpg
Looking at Harbor Mountain from Castle Rock St. Michael's Church

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