Day Sixtyfive

Sitka, AK to Sitka, AK
July 29th, 2009

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A long walking tour of Sitka with Todd and Cori
Not a one
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4 on foot
Overcast in the morning, sunny after 10:00, in the 70's
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Eagles, salmon
Ann's Gavin Hill B&B
Juneau, AK

Daily Didactic
The day began a little early with a most amazing eggs benedict breakfast at the hands of our B&B hostess Ann. After breakfast and some visiting with guests from New York and Los Angeles, Ann mapped us out a walking tour of Sitka. We headed off and stopped at the old Sitka cemetery and the national cemetery, the fish hatchery again, and the Sitka National Park which is full of totem poles collected around the 1900's from abandonded native villages in the SouthEast.

We walked back through downtown Sitka to have some awesome kabobs at 'Two Chicks and a Stick', and wandered downtown a little more before heading back to the B&B to grab the bus for a drive up Harbor Mountain. Harbor Mountain road was a fun one, but has recently had a lot of new sharp rock added. We tiptoed up it in the bus for the better part of an hour before coming to a parking spot. We hiked the last half mile to an incredible overlook, with the town of Sitka on one side and a beautiful view of Sitka Sound to the north.

We ended up south on Sawmill Creek Road at a pizza place for dinner, took advantage of the hot tub at the B&B when we got back, and hit the hay at a relatively reasonable hour in order to do a little morning touristing before catching to ferry to Juneau tomorrow.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040689.jpg nonethumb_P1040693.jpg
Morning at Ann's Gavin Hill B&B The old cemetery
thumb_P1040697.jpg nonethumb_P1040700.jpg
Sitka's National Cemetery Art under the tanks at the Sage Building aquarium and hatchery
thumb_P1040704.jpg nonethumb_P1040705.jpg
Sitka National Historical Park, a huge collection of totem poles on a pleasant walking loop Todd and Cori, modeling in front of the Fertility Pole
thumb_P1040708.jpg nonethumb_P1040709.jpg
Everybody's got one A colorful, if not confusing totem
thumb_P1040719.jpg nonethumb_P1040721.jpg
Looking back up the beach at Sitka from the walking trail A cool totem with an unusual top
thumb_P1040724.jpg nonethumb_P1040725.jpg
We'd heard this, we're okay with it An eagle on a stick
thumb_P1040730.jpg nonethumb_P1040735.jpg
Rain etiquette Our buddies in the back of the bus
thumb_P1040738.jpg nonethumb_P1040748.jpg
Quite a road it turns out, it was met with varying levels of joy Cori gives the top a big thumbs up
thumb_P1040754.jpg nonethumb_P1040757.jpg
Tough trees in front of the ridge The goat and Todd's trail
thumb_P1040758.jpg nonethumb_P1040761.jpg
The trail for the rest of us A beautiful view of Mount Edgecumbe
thumb_P1040767.jpg nonethumb_P1040772.jpg
Todd, eyeing the view of Sitka The view of Sitka he had
thumb_P1040774.jpg nonethumb_P1040779.jpg
Us, trying to stay out of Sitka's way Looking back toward toward the ferry terminal
thumb_P1040786.jpg nonethumb_P1040787.jpg
A great tree with what we are guessing is a difficult life weatherwise Pretty flower
thumb_P1040790.jpg nonethumb_P1040792.jpg
Heading down Cori got distracted by a little machinery

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