Day Sixtysix

Sitka, AK to Juneau, AK
July 30th, 2009

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The Silverbow Inn in Juneau
The lack of deck space on the Fairweather
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Silver Bow Inn, Juneau
Skagway, AK

Daily Didactic
Morning began with another awesome breakfast at our Sitka B&B. We chatted around the table with Todd and Cori and the other guests until around 9:00, and then began the process of reloading the bus. We made a swing through downtown Sitka for some last minute shopping and a cup of coffee, before heading out to the ferry terminal for our early afternoon departure. We checked in and then headed the less than a mile up the road for a walk on the beach out of Starrigavan campground. It was another gorgeous day in Sitka and we walked the beach until we had to get the bus in line for loading.

Today's marine vessel was the Fairweather, which is one of the Alaksa Marine Highway's fast ferries. It certainly got us to Juneau faster than our previous trusty steed, the Taku, but at the cost of a solarium and a much of any outdoor viewing opportunity. The Fairweather is much more like a commuter ferry, and Theresa and Brian are not necessarily sold. We sat with Todd and Cori in the forward observation area, reading, drawing and catching up on web pages. A little over four hours later we were pulling into Juneau.

We have only been to Juneau for a four hour plane layover before, toady we were looking at a comfy overnight. Brian's brother Al had recommended the Silver Bow Inn downtown, which turned out to be a great spot right in the middle of town. We grabbed a bite to eat at the Hanger, walked up the hill, stumbled across the Governor's mansion, and eventually returned to our room for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040795.jpg nonethumb_P1040799.jpg
Another sunny morning in Sitka... our B&B by the lake
thumb_P1040803.jpg nonethumb_P1040807.jpg
Downtown for a cup of coffee and a trail book Theresa says we need these at home
thumb_P1040808.jpg nonethumb_P1040840.jpg
Theresa and Cori in the back of the bus Alright, time to move on
thumb_P1040841.jpg nonethumb_P1040843.jpg
None We tried a different trail
thumb_P1040851.jpg nonethumb_P1040853.jpg
A beautiful and flat Sitka Sound The beach by Starrigavan creek
thumb_P1040854.jpg nonethumb_P1040857.jpg
The Mosquito Cove Trail Back in line, this time for the Fairweather
thumb_P1040866.jpg nonethumb_P1040870.jpg
Heading back out through the narrows north of Sitka It was more than even Brian had bargained for
thumb_P1040872.jpg nonethumb_P1040874.jpg
Todd and Cori keeping an eye on our route As close as it gets to being on a forward deck on the Fairweather
thumb_P1040880.jpg nonethumb_P1040882.jpg
The fast ferry is a catamaran and throws a mean plume of water The sad little solarium on the back...small, loud and the view is blocked by a solid railing
thumb_P1040884.jpg nonethumb_P1040890.jpg
Shouldn't that be 'your inner shipmate'? Mendenhall Glacier over the ferry terminal in Auke Bay
thumb_P1040897.jpg nonethumb_P1040904.jpg
Fireweed on the road to town The front of the Silverbow Inn
thumb_P1040905.jpg nonethumb_P1040907.jpg
The side of the wonderful Silverbow Inn The tide
thumb_P1040909.jpg nonethumb_P1040914.jpg
One of two enormous ferries in town They really need to get the C back formally
thumb_P1040915.jpg nonethumb_P1040916.jpg
Alaska welcomes us... the governor's mansion

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