Day Sixtyseven

Juneau, AK to Skagway, AK
July 31st, 2009

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Prime seats on the solarium deck!
Our last ferry ride for the trip
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25 in the bus, 103 on the ferry
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Sunny in the 70s
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Gulls, Salmon
Pullen RV Park, Skagway, AK
Skagway, AK

Daily Didactic
We started the day early in our room in the very cool Silverbow Inn, in downtown Juneau. Todd, Cori, and Theresa all went for runs in town and Brian ran downstairs for a cup of coffee and complimentary breakfast. After everyone was back and fed a few hours later we all climbed back in the bus and headed to do some shopping for the Chilkoot Trail. We started at Fred Meyers, then hit the Sporting Good store in the mall by the airport, and then tried Walmart for some hard to find items.

The shopping list mostly retired, we headed for a little touristing at Mendenhall Glacier. We peered at the ice, visited the visitors center, and milled with the buses of cruise ship folks until it was time to find lunch. Lunch, it turns out, was back at Fred Meyers. Food in hand, we headed to the chaotic Juneau Alaska Marine Highway terminal. We have been to a bunch of ferry docks in the last week, but Juneau is something all together different. There were two ferries in dock and a few more circling in Auke Bay waiting for their turn. There were people and vehicles all over, and the whole thing felt more like a busy day in an airport. We waited in line on foot, and then waited in line in the bus.

As it was looking like spots in the sun on the solarium might be a little competitive, Todd and Cori walked on and secured us a corner up top. It was another gorgeous bluebird day on the solarium and we napped and gawked at the scenery off and on for the six hours it took to get to Haines and then Skagway. We rolled off the ferry at 9:30 and parked the bus in our old standby downtown RV park and campground, Pullen Creek. We headed for another old standby, the Red Onion Saloon, missing a late night meal but catching some really good music.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1040922.jpg nonethumb_P1040930.jpg
Downtown Juneau, at the Silverbow Inn Looking at Juneau from across the bridge to Douglas
thumb_P1040939.jpg nonethumb_P1040951.jpg
There were around a hundred cruise ship passengers and , oddly, no bears Brian and Theresa, trying to get out of the glacier's way
thumb_P1040952.jpg nonethumb_P1040955.jpg
Icebergs Todd and Cori toying with glacier
thumb_P1040957.jpg nonethumb_P1040962.jpg
Very pretty Road shot, onto the Malispina
thumb_P1040963.jpg nonethumb_P1040970.jpg
That's Todd, way up in the back left corner This will work
thumb_P1040976.jpg nonethumb_P1040982.jpg
Yep Theresa, ready to make this home
thumb_P1040992.jpg nonethumb_P1050001.jpg
Yesterday's ride, the Fairweather, racing back to Juneau Waterfalls off the icefield
thumb_P1050007.jpg nonethumb_P1050010.jpg
A lighthouse on an island More ice field and glacier views
thumb_P1050016.jpg nonethumb_P1050018.jpg
It's all... ...just very...
thumb_P1050020.jpg nonethumb_P1050024.jpg
...spectacular scenery Dinner, made by real chefs
thumb_P1050027.jpg nonethumb_P1050028.jpg
At Haines it was time to pull out the bags More water heading for the sea
thumb_P1050031.jpg nonethumb_P1050035.jpg
Another way to travel Ferry style
thumb_P1050037.jpg nonethumb_P1050039.jpg
Skagway on the horizon The Malaspina, we like this one
thumb_P1050048.jpg nonethumb_P1050059.jpg
Leaving our SouthEast ferry adventure behind Late night in the Red Onion Saloon. Check out the sweater

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