Day Sixtyeight

Skagway, AK to Skagway, AK
August 1st, 2009

High Point of the Day....
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Spending the day wandering Skagway on foot
Re-roofing operations at 7:00 am on a Saturday
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About 5 on foot
Sunny and windy
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Sea gulls
Pullen RV Park and Campground, Skagway
Anchorage, AK

Daily Didactic
The day started at the convenient but noisy Pullen RV Park and Campground right next to the docks in downtown Skagway. This particular morning the sounds of a crew re-roofing a warehouse nearby may have actually been louder than the cruise ship horns and trains rumbling by. At least that was Todd and Cori's impression from the tent. We headed into town to find some breakfast, only to find that the only two places we remembered had gone out of business in the last four years. After circumnavigating Skagway, we eventually asked a local and ended up practically back in our campground at the Stowaway eating a very good breakfast.

We spent the rest of our day exploring the town of Skagway. We are big fans of Skagway, which seems a little odd because it is a pretty Disney Landish kind of place. The main tourist street is a collection of mostly cruise company owned jewelry, t-shirt and knick knack shops, done up with facades to look like turn-of-the-century storefronts. However, mixed into all of this tourist fodder is some great history, some neat museums, and a few really good places to eat. We've taken to staying at the Pullen RV Park, not because it is particularly nice and in spite of it's noise, because it is right on the waterfront and is in easy walking distance of everything. After touristing we headed back to Pullen to get packs and food ready for a morning start on the Chilkoot Trail. After getting our gear in order, we headed to the Skagway Fish Co. for a good meal and then followed Brian's faulty recollection a way up the tracks to find the Pioneer Cemetery. After realizing the cemetery was a lot further away than Brian thought, the evening's alternate hike turned into Lower Dewey Lake.

We called it a relatively early night in anticipation of an 7:30 ride to the trailhead.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050064.jpg nonethumb_P1050060.jpg
Morning at the bustling Pullen RV Park and Campground Todd and Brian, both clearly not on the internet with their phones
thumb_P1050065.jpg nonethumb_P1050067.jpg
Skagway, all dolled up for the tourists The nice and modest city museum
thumb_P1050068.jpg nonethumb_P1050073.jpg
Skagway, keeping up appearances One of our favorite blocks with the AB hall and the Red Onion
thumb_P1050074.jpg nonethumb_P1050075.jpg
We're big fans of the Red Onion Beautiful mountains and big ships
thumb_P1050080.jpg nonethumb_P1050082.jpg
The Stowaway, where we finally found a really great breakfast The White Pass Railroad, in a week it'll be our ride out of the woods
thumb_P1050090.jpg nonethumb_P1050091.jpg
150 lbs. bacon, seems almost worth it Brian, misidentifying the border as the White Pass trail. You really don't want him out front
thumb_P1050092.jpg nonethumb_P1050093.jpg
National Park Service funding seems to be unaffected by the economy Heading into the Trail Center to pick up our permits and receive guidance
thumb_P1050095.jpg nonethumb_P1050096.jpg
Gotta love number eleven, that's for the helicopter evac out Mmmm... Bacon
thumb_P1050097.jpg nonethumb_P1050099.jpg
The book store, for some afternoon trail entertainment The Mountain Shop, our last chance to buy whatever it is we've forgotten
thumb_P1050100.jpg nonethumb_P1050102.jpg
Downtown Skagway, the cruise ships haven't unloaded yet Pioneer art
thumb_P1050104.jpg nonethumb_P1050107.jpg
Rations for the hike, living large on Mountain House and jerky We get it
thumb_P1050108.jpg nonethumb_P1050110.jpg
The Fish Co., dinner surprisingly close to breakfast Hippie Fuel
thumb_P1050113.jpg nonethumb_P1050124.jpg
The Wine Of Our Country, we passed on this one An evening hike to Dewey Lake, just in case there won't be enough walking in the next five days
thumb_P1050123.jpg nonethumb_P1050129.jpg
Watershed conduits Lower Dewey Lake in the evening

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