Day Seventy

Chilkoot Trail-Canyon City to Chilkoot Trail-Sheep Camp
August 3rd, 2009

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An easy day on the trail
Some pretty smokey skies
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5.5 on foot
Sunny diffused with smoke
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Vole, squirrels, mouse
Our tent in Sheep Camp
Anchorage, AK

Daily Didactic
Day two of our "relaxed" approach to the Chilkoot Trail starts at Canyon City. What follows is a nice and short five and a half mile hike to Sheep Camp. Sheep Camp is the one camp that almost everyone has to stop at, being the last camp before crossing Chilkoot Pass and thirteen miles in. Only the mighty Chilkoot day hiker skips Sheep Camp.

We hit sheep camp in the late morning and followed our regimen of reading and napping until dinner and a 7:00 ranger talk about the day to come. Tomorrow's climb over the Chilkoot Pass is only an eight mile hike, but the first three miles are an uphill trudge eventually brought to an end by a really steep climb up a chute of boulders. This spot, the Golden Stairs, is where the iconic photos of stampeders carrying packs in a line up a snow staircase was taken. It's what everyone on the trail looks forward to and worries about.

After the ranger talk and a bite to eat we hit the hay, alarms set for the ludicrous hour of 4:00 a.m..

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050190.jpg nonethumb_P1050194.jpg
Morning in Canyon City Cori, packing in a minor construction zone
thumb_P1050195.jpg nonethumb_P1050200.jpg
Theresa, doing a little organizing We know it's nothing like the actual pass, but it's steep
thumb_P1050201.jpg nonethumb_P1050207.jpg
Simulated action shot. Looks like he's shoveling more than hiking Vole?
thumb_P1050208.jpg nonethumb_P1050209.jpg
Old telegraph pole on the trail Todd and Brian, happy to be on the way to Lake Bennet again
thumb_P1050211.jpg nonethumb_P1050212.jpg
Pretty waterfall The water was snowmelt clear
thumb_P1050213.jpg nonethumb_P1050216.jpg
The Taiya River, rerouting itself Forest fires from the north hazing up the sky
thumb_P1050217.jpg nonethumb_P1050219.jpg
More picturesque streams Todd, explaining suspension bridge construction to the ladies
thumb_P1050222.jpg nonethumb_P1050224.jpg
Fireweed Nothing but smiles
thumb_P1050225.jpg nonethumb_P1050226.jpg
The old route across the river in Sheep Camp Brian building our bedroom for the night
thumb_P1050227.jpg nonethumb_P1050228.jpg
The old Sheep Camp cabin door The old Sheep Camp cabin front
Theresa, ecstatic about the effectiveness of down

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