Day Seventytwo

Chilkoot Trail-Happy Camp to Chillkoot Trail-Lindeman City
August 5th, 2009

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A relatively short day of hiking
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5.5 miles on foot
Sunny, a little bit hazy from wildfires
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None, seems odd
Our tent in Lindeman City
Anchorage, AK

Daily Didactic
Day four of our little trek is a pleasant and short downhill hike from Happy Camp to Lindeman City. During the gold rush Lindeman City was a bustling town on the end of the lake and now is the most developed campground, due to a Parks Canada wall tent compound which includes a library and interpretive center. The hike from Happy Camp is extraordinarily scenic and drops back down below treeline between Crater Lake and Deep Lake. At the lower end of deep lake the river that moves between the lakes drops down a deep gorge. The trail runs high above the gorge for a mile or so, before dropping down to the river and it's entrance into Lake Lindeman.

We stayed true to our afternoon napping and reading routine, and then the four of us took a shot at figuring out the Lindeman library's Klondike Game. The game was missing it's instructions and a few of the property pieces, but it's striking similarity to Monopoly gave us a good start. When it became obvious our understanding of the rules would never result in an actual winner, we broke and ate dinner.

It was a lazy evening of library visits, reading, and games before hitting the hay in anticipation of our fifth and final day of hiking tomorrow.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050357.jpg nonethumb_P1050358.jpg
A relatively late 7:00 am in Happy Camp A room with a view
thumb_P1050362.jpg nonethumb_P1050361.jpg
Theresa packing food outside the cook cabin Looking down the trail from Happy Camp toward Long Lake
thumb_P1050365.jpg nonethumb_P1050367.jpg
On the road Theresa winds around an alpine pond above Long Lake
thumb_P1050369.jpg nonethumb_P1050372.jpg
Looking down on Deep Lake Cori identifying another artifact she packed out. That one was for the Park Service...
thumb_P1050373.jpg nonethumb_P1050375.jpg
Coming into Deep Lake campground The river between Long and Deep Lakes
thumb_P1050376.jpg nonethumb_P1050377.jpg
Deep Lake The remains of a metal kit boat
thumb_P1050380.jpg nonethumb_P1050386.jpg
Monster cairn Cori and Theresa lead the way along the gorge to Lindeman
thumb_P1050387.jpg nonethumb_P1050389.jpg
Lindeman City campground, we went right Todd, working hard with two supervisors and a camera lady
thumb_P1050392.jpg nonethumb_P1050400.jpg
The upper Lindeman shelter The graveyard above Lindeman, a little short on explanation
thumb_P1050405.jpg nonethumb_P1050407.jpg
The ever popular Klondike Game, minus rules and a few property cards Lovely ladies whipping up some gourmet meals
thumb_P1050411.jpg nonethumb_P1050412.jpg
The river along side the campground as it hits Lake Lindeman. Yes, we're sure it has a name... Flowers and artifacts
The very nice Lindeman library

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