Day Seventythree

Chilkoot Trail-Lindeman City to Skagway, AK
August 6th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Bottomless stew at the train station in Bennett
We could have hiked with those packs forever
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
7.5 on foot, 40ish on a train
Sunny and cloudy
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Night's Lodging
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Spawning salmon
Pullen RV Park and Campground, Skagway
Anchorage, AK

Daily Didactic
The morning started moderately late in Lindeman City, the day's goal being about seven and a half miles down the trail to lake Bennett for our last night. We hit the road about 8:00 and managed to make it to Lake Bennett a little before noon. In the past the train has left earlier in the day, so we have spent our fifth night in the Lake Bennett campground. This year, however, the train doesn't leave until 2:30. Todd did some quick negotiating and managed to get us on this afternoon's train. We cashed in our "lunch on the day out" tickets for the most anticipated meal we have had all summer. The "back room" hiker's lunch of bottomless stew, endless bread, and apple pie was absolutely everything we had imagined.

We climbed on board the train a little before two and settled in for the White Pass/Yukon Railroad run down to Skagway. The roughly forty mile trip is a a big draw for tourists, train buffs, and us. The train is a narrow gauge railroad that winds down a steep valley, with significant chunks of the ride hanging on the side of the cliffs. The scenery and experience is spectacular.

We got back to Skagway a day early, Todd secured us an extra night at Pullen's, we cleaned up, and then beat a path for pizza and nachos at Red Onion. After another glorious meal we wandered the dock and marveled at the size of cruise ships for a bit, before calling it a long and very satisfying day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050417.jpg nonethumb_P1050420.jpg
A lovely morning in Lindeman City More sad horses
thumb_P1050424.jpg nonethumb_P1050426.jpg
Two smiles out of three. Sometimes Brian gets that look... Pretty privy
thumb_P1050428.jpg nonethumb_P1050431.jpg
The 'Brian is not in trouble' face Funky bridge with stone cribs on the way out of camp
thumb_P1050433.jpg nonethumb_P1050435.jpg
Brian, demonstrating sitting. It didn't catch on The first two miles were a lot of rocky uphills
thumb_P1050441.jpg nonethumb_P1050446.jpg
Brian, demonstrating leaning The largest trailside artifact on the trail
thumb_P1050447.jpg nonethumb_P1050448.jpg
Todd tries to catch a ride out of the dunes just short of Bennett Artsy trail marker
thumb_P1050451.jpg nonethumb_P1050457.jpg
Lake Bennett and the end of the trail Majestic
thumb_P1050476.jpg nonethumb_P1050471.jpg
The church at Bennett Resting places
thumb_P1050459.jpg nonethumb_P1050475.jpg
Our four prospectors Theresa looks down at the train station
thumb_P1050461.jpg nonethumb_P1050479.jpg
The front is where normal train customers have lunch, Chilkoot hikers use the side door Our ride down White Pass
thumb_P1050482.jpg nonethumb_P1050498.jpg
Great train art The trail up White Pass. We are okay for now
thumb_P1050501.jpg nonethumb_P1050505.jpg
The steel bridge on the way down The ladies peer over the edge
thumb_P1050513.jpg nonethumb_P1050540.jpg
There was clearly a right and wrong side... Unloading gear at the Shops
thumb_P1050542.jpg nonethumb_P1050544.jpg
We've been thinking about this for five days Pizza, nachos, beverages and great company
thumb_P1050546.jpg nonethumb_P1050553.jpg
Three cruise ships dominating the harbor Soapy Smith's skull on the rocks above the harbor

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