Day Seventyfour

Skagway, AK to Skagway, AK
August 7th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Having a spare day in Skagway
Our last real day of vacation
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
5 miles on foot
Cloudy, then sunny in the 60's
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Spawning salmon
Pullen RV Park and Campground, Skagway
Anchorage, AK

Daily Didactic
Our "extra" day in Skagway started with another awesome breakfast at Glacial Smoothes and Espresso. We gawked for a bit at the White Pass Railroad steam engine before regathering for a walk to the Gold Rush Cemetery. Not at all dissuaded by thirty-three recent miles of hiking, we headed off on the five mile round trip to the cemetery around noon. At the cemetery we took a look at the historically deceased for a bit and then headed for lunch at a nearby health food store and cafe. It turned out to be a "raw foodist" cafe, which was both interesting and really good after five days of freeze dried food.

After lunch we trekked back to the Skagway waterfront and Pullen. We spent an appreciated afternoon of internetting and napping, while Todd and Cori took some time to track down an incredible care package that their train friends had placed on today's train based on our original itinerary. Eventually we headed to the Skagway Brewing Co. for dinner. Dinner was great and was followed by some unexpected and fun conversation with a couple of other Chilkoot parties who came in as we finished. We headed back to the bus, spent the last evening of our joint summer with Todd and Cori chatting, and got ready for one last silly early morning.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050558.jpg nonethumb_P1050567.jpg
Morning in the always happening Pullen RV Park Breakfast at Glacial Smoothies
thumb_P1050565.jpg nonethumb_P1050566.jpg
The menu was pleasantly devoid of Cliff or Power Bars Pretty uptown accomodations after a week in the woods
thumb_P1050569.jpg nonethumb_P1050579.jpg
That's a city ashtray on the left, the bakery doesn't appreciate it The White Pass steam engine
thumb_P1050580.jpg nonethumb_P1050594.jpg
Resting up before an easy five miler to the Gold Rush Cemetery The Gold Rush Cemetery, in use from the late 1890's to the 1940's
thumb_P1050582.jpg nonethumb_P1050585.jpg
The founders of the Skagway Streetcar and their nugget Trail choice, novel
thumb_P1050590.jpg nonethumb_P1050591.jpg
The layout seemed a little random Frank Reid, the man who shot Soapy Smith and a local hero as a result
thumb_P1050592.jpg nonethumb_P1050595.jpg
Soap Smith's more understated grave The steam engine coming by
thumb_P1050603.jpg nonethumb_P1050602.jpg
The railroad yard on the outskirts of town, the Shops A caboose out to pasture
thumb_P1050612.jpg nonethumb_P1050607.jpg
Health food and a raw food restaurant Good food, fun sign
thumb_P1050608.jpg nonethumb_P1050610.jpg
Fresh vegetables were really, really good Heavier than you might think at first
thumb_P1050613.jpg nonethumb_P1050614.jpg
A 51 Caddy, available for rides. Because prospectors had Cadillacs? The Park Service appears to be fashioning better digs than the Trail Center
thumb_P1050616.jpg nonethumb_P1050620.jpg
A back alley mural The Mountain Shop mural
thumb_P1050618.jpg nonethumb_P1050621.jpg
A quiet day in Skagway And back to the ever welcoming Pullen campround

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