Day Seventyfive

Skagway, AK to Anchorage, AK
August 8th, 2009

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Daily Didactic
Our seventy-fifth morning on the road this summer started very early to get Todd and Cori to the ferry terminal for their 6:00 am check-in to Haines and then Juneau. This had the fortunate side effect of getting us on the trail home by 5:45. We drove immediately out of the seemingly abandoned Skagway and up and over the steep and foggy White Pass. Crossing the Canadian border for the fifth time this summer, we left the fog at Frazer. The day's drive was pleasantly uneventful as we moved through Carcross and Whitehorse, had lunch in Haines Junction, and traveled on through Destruction Bay, Burwash and Beaver Creek in the afternoon. We hit the Alaska border around 3:30 and, in spite of still being seven hours or so from Anchorage, felt at home.

We moved through Tok around 5:00, Glenallen about 6:30, and decided to take a "fourteen hours of driving" break at Eureka Pass for a late dinner. The bus was a sport through the day, but is clearly getting tired and as we hit our final road construction of the trip around Eagle River she growled a bit in discomfort.

We pulled into our driveway a little after 11:00 with tired and happy faces. After just shy of fifteen thousand miles and two and a half months on the road our favorite spot to call it a night is still in downtown Anchorage...

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1050623.jpg nonethumb_P1050625.jpg
One last morning in busy downtown Skagway Cori and Todd head down a different highway home
thumb_P1050627.jpg nonethumb_P1050636.jpg
An empty Skagway at 5:45 Heading up the grade of White Pass
thumb_P1050637.jpg nonethumb_P1050641.jpg
And into a cloud at the top The train tracks we came down two days ago
thumb_P1050643.jpg nonethumb_P1050644.jpg
Canada Welcomes us for the fifth time this summer The road along Tutshi Lake
thumb_P1050651.jpg nonethumb_P1050653.jpg
Theresa's well protected feet G says we'll be home by 8:05, ultimately it turns out to be a bit off
thumb_P1050656.jpg nonethumb_P1050660.jpg
Whitehorse welcomes us around 9:00 The road to Haines straightens out and clears up
thumb_P1050662.jpg nonethumb_P1050667.jpg
She can feel Anchorage, you can just see it can't you We hang a right
thumb_P1050668.jpg nonethumb_P1050670.jpg
We love the Haines Junction cupcake Where everything is trapped in the mountain
thumb_P1050671.jpg nonethumb_P1050672.jpg
The Village Bakery stage Village Bakery art, we like it
thumb_P1050677.jpg nonethumb_P1050682.jpg
Kluane lake and big mountains The bottom of Kluane on the new road
thumb_P1050684.jpg nonethumb_P1050688.jpg
It's not as bad as it seems. It's kilometers Biking and hunting?
thumb_P1050689.jpg nonethumb_P1050691.jpg
One last FasGas in Beaver Creek We appear to have fewer kids and stickers in the north
thumb_P1050693.jpg nonethumb_P1050700.jpg
Crossing the Tanana River outside of Tok Westward expansion sky near Glenallen
thumb_P1050711.jpg nonethumb_P1050717.jpg
Sub-one hundred miles to Anchorage, it's magic number for us and AAA towing Sun over Anchorage around 10:00
thumb_P1050722.jpg nonethumb_P1050726.jpg
One last construction backup in Eagle River Downtown Anchorage and left to home around 11:00
thumb_P1050729.jpg nonethumb_P1050732.jpg
Morning in one of our favorite places The flowers always seem to do better when we leave...

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