Day Two
Day Two

Tok, AK to Destruction Bay, Yukon
June 14th, 2004

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Brian - Educating mechanics on VW repair
Theresa - One word. Puzzles!
Brian & Theresa - Buying repairs on day two...
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Moose grownups
Congdon Creek Provincial Campground
Livingston, MT

Daily Didactic
So the nature of the bus's current mechanical problem, and part of the reason Brian was so cavalier about driving into the boonies with a questionable CV joint, is that it comes and goes. Brian has replaced the CV joints on the bus a number of times and, in general, when one goes bad it stays bad. So, true to form, this morning after a uninformative checkup in the campground the bus didn't make a peep on the hour long drive to Tok. What the night before had sounded like a baseball bat banging around in the rear wheel well, sounded like well lubed mechanics this morning. It'd almost lull you into driving right on past Tok and down the AlCan, but even our intrepid couple is not that fool hardy.

At Young's Chevron in Tok we found an empty repair bay and, after some coaxing by Brian, the mechanics agreed to work on the bus. The eventual agreement was that Brian would don his coveralls, and his alter ego Ken, and join in the fun. Ken spent the afternoon educating the Tok mechanics on the finer details of antique Volkswagen assembly.

Three hours and a few dollars later, Brian and Theresa said goodbye to Ken and the good mechanics of Young's Chevron and tooled on toward the Candian border. It was a lovely drive, and not too ugly a road, on through Beaver Creek, Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay, eventually coming to an end at Congdon Creek Provincial Campground.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Porcupine Creek Campground Is that Ken already?
Authentic Alaskan swampland The road to Tok
One of a few moose in a pond The bus resting at the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge, just short of the Canada border
A dog team taking a break and perhaps a musher taking offense No.
The mounties welcome us The Yukon welcomes us
Waiting in line for a grilling The bus casts a mighty shadow at dusk
The narrow road to Destruction Bay, Theresa is a big fan of the dwarf fireweed

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