Day Three
Day Three

Destruction Bay, Yukon to Liard River Hot Springs, B.C.
June 15th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian & Theresa - The relative calm in the right rear corner of the bus
Brian & Theresa - The shortage of wildlife
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
287 (287 Total)
Sunny, rainy, cloudy & in the 60s
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
One fox
Liard River Hot Springs RV Park
Billings, MT

Daily Didactic
If you tracked our last trip, you'll remember that the first three days or so began very early, because Brian had the foresight to pack the sleeping bag deep in a duffel bag on the roof rack and our couple was a little chilly. Theresa was not about to let that happen again, and a predictable outcome of this has been a far more normal summer rising time of our couple at roughly nine o'clock. Today continued that trend and we got on the road after most of our campground neighbors. It is of course, not a race, and neither Brian or Theresa feels compelled to put competitiveness before comfort.

After the always delightful drive around Kluane lake, we stopped in Haines Junction long enough to gas up and stare a bit at the "Haines Junction Cupcake". We stopped, for no particular reason, at the Real Canadian Superstore in Whitehorse and ended up with only a bag of ice. We figure this predilection toward box stores must be an Anchorage thing. We moved on through Teslin (without donating a gas cap this time), Watson Lake, and eventually landed in Brian's favorite rest stop Liard Hot Springs for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning at Congdon Creek Campground You would have to be pretty tough to pitch a tent after reading this
More windy road, more dwarf fireweed Blue Kluane lake makes us happy every time
We imagine this private cabin will eventually go with road widening, but for now it is noisy real estate We stumbled upon this very cool Alaska Fish and Game portable classroom
The ever baffling Haines Junction Cupcake... ...where the frosting is scary
The new bridge, from the old bridge Cheaper than a police officer
Theresa finds her moose has made a new friend Pretty blue flower
The Teslin Bridge, longest one on the Alcan Brian experiments with a new road shot technique, over the roof
Already? Theresa finds a teachable moment...
...ahhh, I get it now Road Shot nearing Watson Lake
The Watson lake sign forest, a testament to theft The supernatural BC contingent seem to have a lock on the tourism department

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