Day Twentythree
Day Twentythree

Petit Jean, AR to Memphis, TN
July 5th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian - Beale Street
Theresa - The hike to Cedar Falls
Brian and Theresa - Just the heat
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Hot, hot, hot and humid. In the 90s, heat index 105.
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Cows, lizards, turtle, fish. Lots of roadkill.
Graceland RV Park
Memphis, TN

Daily Didactic
Our last morning in the very pleasant Petit Jean State Park began at an ambitous 7:00 am'ish. We speculated that rising this early may help beat the heat for the hike Theresa had selected for our morning constitutional. We guessed right and the hike to Cedar Falls was reasonably cool until the very end. The falls are reportedly the most photographed spot in Arkansas, which is good because we accidently hit the night shot setting on our camera shortly into our hike and all of our pictures look like war footage. It was a nice trail, a nice view, and a nice warm up for breakfast at the Mather Lodge.

Excited to be moving on, we eventually swapped the air conditioned dining hall for the bus and puttered down off of the Petit Jean plateau. We took a good mix of interstate and backroads to Memphis and, as we got closer, followed all of the signs to Graceland. It would be hard to miss. We found our home for the night, after a couple of passes trying to discern the signage, at the Graceland RV Park directly behind the Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel. The RV park, as is everything else on Elvis Presley Blvd., is "right across the street from Graceland". After getting our bearings, we hopped on the Heartbreak Hotel shuttle for Beale Street. Beale street is a perfect case study in wrapping up a historic area for tourism, and was very entertaining to walk up and down. We enjoyed a bit of food, far more people watching, and a little live music before being shuttled back to camp for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Our last morning in Petit Jean State Park The best picture we have of Cedar Falls, sadly we hit the night shot setting not too long after this
Brian on a bridge over the raging Cedar Rapids Outcropping
Arkansas road toward Memphis Private parties
Cypress grove Old cabin
Kudzu on the poles Crossing the Mississippi
Tennessee (and the Simpsons) welcome us All signs point to Graceland
Old Memphis welcome sign Beale Street
Sadly, a five dollar cover for no band lead us to pass... Supported facades, no building accompaniment
Goat on a corkscrew Street music
Theresa, unimpressed Neon after dark

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