Day Twentyfour
Day Twentyfour

Memphis, TN to Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
July 6th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian & Theresa - Gotta be Graceland!
Brian - All interstate, all day
Theresa - The humidity
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Hazy and humid and in the high 80s in Memphis. Far more reasonable by Kentucky.
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Not much. A bear in the jungle room.
Mammoth Cave National Park
Washington, DC

Daily Didactic
The day began "just across the street from Elvis Presley's Graceland" at the Graceland RV Park. We arose early, did a little housekeeping, and mentally prepared ourselves for an Elvis avalanche. This is a funny place for us to be, as we own no Elvis albums. Clearly the people all around us do. The quarter mile stretch of Elvis Presley Blvd. on both sides of Graceland has nothing that is not Elvis related. It is an Elvis extravaganza. It is also awesome Americana. We walked over to catch the 11:00 Graceland tour, and were confronted with a choice of the silver, gold or platinum packages. We opted for platinum, which gave us the Graceland Mansion, Elvis Autotmobiles, Elvis Airplanes, and Elvis Museum experiences. It was honestly a very cool, one of a kind, experience. Elvis was, by all accounts, a good guy. We still don't own an Elvis album, but are thinking about buying one.

We left Memphis late in the afernoon, and couldn't figure out a better solution for traveling to our next stop, Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, than to jump on the interstate. We hurtled through Tennessee, skirting the outskirts of Nashville, and arrived in Kentucky late in the evening.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in the Graceland RV Park Our Elvismobile
Graceland Mansion Graceland's living room
The Jungle Room The television room's mirrored wall
The pool room Gold Lame
The hall of (gold and platinum) records Elvis' grave
A converted snowmobile, a Tennessee grassmobile Elvis' Pink Cadillac
One of Elvis' planes Theresa and the king
The wall outside Graceland We are curious about the one on the bottom left
The interstate to Nashville Kudzu engulfing a stand of trees
The Tennessee River Downtown Nashville, from a distance
Kentucky welcomes us

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