Day Thirtysix
Day Thirtysix

Lake Geneva, WI to Lake Geneva, WI
July 18th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian & Theresa - Ice cream, a boat ride and great company
Brian & Theresa - Not a one
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Sunny and in the low 80's
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Fish, dogs, ducks
Joey & Anissa & Alea & Jonas' house
Mount Vernon, IA

Daily Didactic
Our day began in the undeniably exciting interior of a house. Don't get us wrong, we love the bus and all, but occasionally a house and bed are a very nice change of pace. When we finally surfaced from the opulent spledor of our private room and bath, our gracious host family was already in full swing. Something about children, we hear. After breakfast, we headed back to Lake Geneva for a hike along the shoreline. Lake Geneva is an area where Chicago's elite have historically had weekend and summer homes. These second (or more likely one of a multitude) residences are of a whole other level on Lake Geneva, originally being the turn of the century vacation cabins of the Wrigley's, the founder of U.S. Steel, the founder of Marshall Fields, the guy who invented the milk bottle cap, and the like. Some are still in the hands of old money, many more are in the hands of new money, but the common thread is money.

So, where is the place for four teachers in all of this, you might ask. Ironically, it's right in the mansions' front yards. The is a public access easement along the entire 20 mile distance of the lakefront. It's a fun path, with each section maintained by the land owner and representing hundreds of different feelings about commoners on their lawns. We walked along quite a section of the trail, marveling and ogling at the houses. We've now got some good ideas as to what we'll do with our second and third million.

After our trek, we climbed aboard a boat for a well deserved ice cream social and Lake Geneva mansion tour, and saw much more of the lake than we did by foot. It was a neat ride, sort of like a museum on water with ice cream. After our lake cruise we headed back to Joey and Anissa's more modest turn of the century home to eat more excellent grilled food, enjoy good conversation, and to continue to watch two ridiculously cute children. After the kids were put away, we kept Joey and Anissa up well past there bedtime for the second night in a row.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in the comfort of Lake Geneva... ...Brian and Theresa are in the upper right hand corner, in a real bed.
Walking along the Lake Geneva public trail Theresa doing a little house shopping
Joey and Anissa in front of their weekend home Alea watching...
...ducks Jonas, providing direction
The trail had lots of pretty posies Apparently, the Old Navy demographic
Our ride for the Lake Geneva ice cream social and mansion tour Cute kid alert - Jonas in Brian's shades
Cute kid alert - Alea, clearly getting away with something Looking back at the heavily populated Lake Geneva public beach
One of many, many grand second homes on the lake front. We thing this guy owned Chicago, but we may be mistaken. Joey, holding Jonas down for a tickling
Alea, skeptical of her mother's smile Disembarking after our cruise
Theresa, forgetting time of year and place, provides some clearly serious art instruction

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